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First Dates Viewers Wowed By Female Firefighter Who Braved Grenfell Tower

First Dates Viewers Wowed By Female Firefighter Who Braved Grenfell Tower

Firefighter Nikki explained how she helped to save lives and how that night led her to take "more of an active role" in her future.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Viewers of last night's First Dates were wowed by the show's latest diner - a brave female firefighter who helped to save lives on the night of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire.

Southampton firefighter Nikki, 31, was on duty on the night of the horrific blaze which killed an estimated 80 people, seriously injured many more and left hundreds of families homeless.


Nikki was paired up with 35-year-old rugby player Ross, from Salisbury, telling him that she and her fellow firefighters "could literally not have given any more" to help people that night.

"I did manage to bring somebody out - more than one - so if I've done something that saved somebody's life then I can call upon that to help through a bit," Nikki explained on last night's show.

"You can still do the best you can do but it's not good enough to save everybody," she added. "That's the hard bit."

The date under way. Credit: Channel 4/First Dates

As you would expect, Nikki's emotional revelation went down amazingly with admiring viewers.

Viewers' admiration for Nikki impressed so much that they took to social media to praise the firefighter for her bravery, calling her a "true hero".

"Massive creds to the lady on First Dates who fought the Grenfell fire, our public service workers are actual superheroes," said one person on Twitter.

Nikki explained how she and her colleagues approached the blaze, knowing that 20 fire appliances had been ordered to try to bring it under control.

"I think the moment I was most scared was when I was driving along and it came into view," Nikki explained.

"I looked at it and I knew I had to go in and go up as high as I could go, and the conditions were ridiculous, it was super hot, there were so many things you have to take in."

Grenfell tower on fire
Grenfell tower on fire

You can't imagine it, can you? Credit: PA

The harrowing events affected Nikki more than she thought, leading her to reflect: "It wasn't really until the next day that it hit me that I needed to take more of an active role in my own future."

Thankfully, despite all the turmoil, the episode had a happy ending, as viewers learnt that Nikki and Ross are now officially a couple.

We even had to fight back tearing up a bit as Ross described Nikki as his own 'blonde superhero'.

Nikki and Ross. Credit: Channel 4/First Dates

You're one lucky guy, Ross.

Words: Chris Ogden

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/First Dates

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