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US Remake Of Friday Night Dinner Confirmed With Brand New Plot Details

US Remake Of Friday Night Dinner Confirmed With Brand New Plot Details

Lovely bit of squirrel!

New details about the US version of Friday Night Dinner have been released.

The iconic British comedy came to an end back in 2020, much to the horror of its army of loyal fans.

But last year, the news broke that it was getting a new lease of life across the pond, this time under the name Dinner With The Parents.

Until now, the team behind the 10-part spin-off, which FND creator Robert Popper is still involved with, have kept their cards pretty close to their chest.

And while they aren't giving too much away just yet, they have released a small synopsis of what the new family will be getting up to, with filming expected to start later this year.

It reads: "In this half-hour single camera comedy, two brothers in their 20s who go to their mom and dad’s for dinner each week, somehow get through it without actually, physically, dying of embarrassment.

The new family have big shoes to fill.
Channel 4

"If your 54-year-old dad has ever 'dabbed' while shirtless in front of your girlfriend, or your mom won’t stop bringing up that time when you had to be rushed to the pediatrician after an incident with a shampoo bottle, which is why your brother still calls you 'Pert Plus', you will relate to this show. If not, must be nice!"

The cast has yet to be announced, but one thing is for certain, they will have big shoes to fill.

Over the course of a decade, the Goodmans - and Jim - found a special place in the hearts of the show's fans.

Last year, Robert told LADbible that he felt the final episode of the sixth season was the perfect way to end things.

When asked if this had always been the plan, though, he said: "It wasn't, actually. I never really know until I start.

"I have all my ideas and I have my board up on a wall, but I never really know, until I start an episode, what it's going to be about.

"But I did think half-way through it would be great if they both brought girls round, and then I thought that one of them was pregnant and then 'oh, what happens if they're both pregnant?' So I thought that was good.

"And then, yeah, I was thinking this will be the end, because I didn't want to do a series where they had kids and babies, and Jim would have seven dogs, also, like, the world's weirdest dog that you couldn't find seven of.

Friday Night Dinner creator Robert Popper is heading up the US series.

"So that was going to be the end, yeah."

And following the tragic death of Paul Ritter last year, who played the show's bear-chested patriarch Martin, Robert said he felt it was right that his character had the final word.

He said: "I didn't really want to do that [end on 'S**t on it!'], but I thought it sort of had to end there."

Dinner With The Parents will be available to watch in the UK on Amazon Freevee, which you can stream through Prime Video.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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