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Will Smith admits he 'loses sleep' over Oscar's slap ahead of new movie release

Will Smith admits he 'loses sleep' over Oscar's slap ahead of new movie release

Smith has a new movie out this Friday.

Will Smith has revealed that he 'loses sleep' worrying that his Oscars slap could impact his new movie, Emancipation.

You can watch a clip of Will talking about it below:

The film is set to be released in cinemas on Friday (2 December) before arriving on Apple TV+ a week later.

In the movie, Smith plays escaped slave Gordon, who flees a Louisiana plantation in the 1860s.

The film is based on the true story of 'Whipped Peter', who was the subject of famous photographs which documented the scarring on his back.

Discussing the movie this week, Smith was asked how he felt about viewers potentially 'not being ready' to watch the film following the Oscars slap incident with Chris Rock at the Academy Awards earlier this year.

Will discussed the movie this week.
Fox 5 Washington DC

“I completely understand that, if someone is not ready,” the actor told Fox 5. “I would absolutely respect that and allow them their space to not be ready.

“My deepest concern is my team. Antoine has done what I think is the greatest work in his entire career [...] the people on this team have done some of the best work of their entire careers, and my deepest hope is that my actions don’t penalise my team.

“So at this point, that’s what I’m working for. That’s what I’m hoping for. I’m hoping that the material, the power of the film, the timeliness of the story – I’m hoping that the good that can be done – will open people’s hearts at a minimum to see and recognise and support the incredible artists in and around this film.”

Smith continued by praising the work of the rest of the cast and crew, but added that he 'loses sleep' wondering if he has penalised his team.

"I definitely lose a couple winks of sleep every night thinking that I could have potentially penalised my team," he added. "But I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that everyone gets seen in the light that they deserve."

Smith slapped Rock at the Oscars earlier this year.
REUTERS/Alamy Stock Photo

Smith took to the stage that night after Rock aimed one of his quips at Jada Pinkett Smith.

Before presenting an award, Rock said: "Jada, I love you – G.I. Jane 2, can't wait to see it!" – as a nod to Demi Moore's 1997 film G.I. Jane, which saw lead actor Demi Moore shave her head for the role.

Pinkett Smith, who has alopecia, didn't look happy in the slightest – at one point even rolling her eyes as Rock tried to defend himself, telling her: "That was a nice one!"

Moments later, Smith could be seen striding up on stage and slapping a stunned Rock before storming off stage, shouting from his seat: "Keep my wife's name out your f***ing mouth."

Emancipation will arrive in selected cinemas on 2 December, before streaming on Apple TV+ on 9 December.

Featured Image Credit: FOX 5 Washington DC/Shutterstock

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