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What Does "Zaddy" Mean on Tiktok? New Term Explained

What Does "Zaddy" Mean on Tiktok? New Term Explained

The latest slang word to hit the social media platform is “zaddy”, but what exactly does it mean?

TikTok is the platform for weird and wonderful new terms which Boomers and Millenials both struggle to understand at times. The latest slang word to hit the social media platform is “zaddy”, but what exactly does it mean?

What does “Zaddy” mean?

You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need a degree in rocket science to understand what this new term means. 

According to OxfordLanguages, “Zaddy” is simply “a sexually attractive man, especially an older one who is fashionable or charismatic”. So just think of a “daddy”, only with more swag, if we can even say that word in 2022. 

It’s believed the word originated from rapper Ty Dolla $ign and his 2016 track “Zaddy”. His lyrics certainly fit in with the today’s sexually promiscuous meaning of the word: “Ay, Zaddy gon’ pull up and he gon’ f*** you all night / Ay, you know Zaddy there, you got that act right.”

How do TikTokers use “Zaddy”?

As I’m sure you can imagine, “zaddy” has become one of the most popular terms to house viral trends on TikTok. One of the trends is where attractive, no doubt older, men post a thirst trap and show off their best side to the camera along with the hashtag - you guessed it - #zaddy. 

See a prime example below of the zaddy-worthy video from @uncledude_fit: 

Another trend for the new term is popular among the LGBTQ+ community, where TikTokers recite a more modernized, sexualised version of the Lord’s prayer (or Our Father, as it’s more commonly known), now renamed “Our Daddy who art a Zaddy”. 

The transgender actor Alanna Darby coined the trend and saw countless other TikTokers recreating the video which refers to a number of pop-culture references like Lil Nas X’s MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name), OnlyFans, cancel culture and even f*** boys. 

Alanna says in the video: “Our Zaddy who art a Daddy, Call Me by Your Name. Yas queendom c*m, hung trans masc among us on earth as it is on OnlyFans.”

She continues with the modernized prayer: “Give us this day our daily PrEP and normalize our kinks as we denormalise twinks who twink against us.”

“Lead us not into cancellation, but deliver us from f-bois. In the name of She/They’s, He/They’s and Ze/Hir’s we pray, a-them.”

You can watch Alanna's "Zaddy" TikTok trend below:

Featured Image Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

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