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Doctors warn men to stop making same dangerous mistake when shaving 'downstairs'

Doctors warn men to stop making same dangerous mistake when shaving 'downstairs'

Lads will trim the bush to make the yard look bigger... or so I've been told.

Doctors have issued a warning to lads who are making the same dangerous mistake when shaving 'downstairs'.

I know what you're thinking: "Isn't it good to keep the yard trimmed?"

In short, yes.

"Grooming your pubic hair boosts your hygiene routine leading to greater below-the-belt confidence," explains Meridian Grooming.

"When you feel good in your body, you just feel better overall.

Grooming has its pros and cons. (Getty Stock Images)
Grooming has its pros and cons. (Getty Stock Images)

"Shaving your pubic hair, or even slightly trimming it, helps keep your goods cleaner by exposing skin to soap and water that’s normally covered by hair."

Pretty simple.

It can also help with the, let's just call it, aesthetics.

"Some people groom because they like the way trimmed assets look, and you might also trim because it’s what your partner wants," they added.

"As long as you’re true to your preferences and what looks and feels beautiful to you, it’s all good."

The issue with shaving your pubic hair

According to a 2017 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dermatology, using a razor to shave your genitals is an easy way to injure yourself.

One of the authors of this study, Thomas Gaither warned Inverse: “What took us aback are how common injuries are.

“About one percent of groomers have sought medical attention because of an injury.”

The academics used a sample size of 7,456 adults between the ages of 18 and 65.

They found that 66.5 percent of men and 85.3 percent of women reported a history of grooming.

Amid the 25.6 percent who reported grooming-related injuries, nearly two-thirds had cut themselves.

Men would often injure their scrotum as a result.

Many end up cutting themselves while shaving. (Getty Stock Images)
Many end up cutting themselves while shaving. (Getty Stock Images)

Safest way to groom

The safest way to groom your pubic region is to use a trimmer, instead of a razor.

"Body hair groomers offer the safest, healthiest way to groom, we created ours with exacting quality standards that deliver amazing results," Meridian Grooming suggested.

"The trimmer features rust-resistant, replaceable ceramic blades plus extra sensitive technology to handle coarse and curly hair without tugging and painful nicks.

"You can adjust the guide combs to choose your preferred length, and our waterproof trimmer is easy to travel with or throw in your gym bag.

"Remember that removing your body hair is a personal choice, and we’re all for boosting self-care on your terms so that you feel your best every day.

"We encourage you to embrace down-there grooming with confidence –– find a routine that works best for you and enjoy the results."

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