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Brits stunned after realising when their Christmas turkeys were actually frozen

Brits stunned after realising when their Christmas turkeys were actually frozen

A bloke took a closer look at the label and realised the freezing process was done much earlier than he presumed.

When the turkey is being sliced and you're waiting to tuck in to your Christmas dinner, the last thing on your mind is it's journey from the production line to the plate.

But one bloke has got the whole nation pondering about it now after he realised when the birds were actually frozen ahead of the Big Day.

TikTok user @gleno2023 was trawling the aisles to get all the essentials in for the festive season when he got sidetracked by the contents of the freezers in Aldi and made a surprising discovery:

Most of us are doing a mad dash for last minute buffet bits, but he had a moment to take a closer look at the selection of turkeys on offer that loads of Brits will be enjoying on Christmas Day.

The shopper picked up one of the 1.80kg festive birds - which you need to be careful how you prepare if you want to avoid food poisoning, by the way - and showed social media users the details on the label, but it wasn't in a bid to give us a heads up on the cooking time. It's two hours and six minutes though if you were wondering.

Anyway, the huge frozen turkey states it is good to eat until February 2025, because as we all know, frozen food has a much longer shelf life than fresh.

Have you ever wondered when your Christmas turkey was frozen?
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But the man was more concerned by the date that it had been packaged up and put in the freezer - which, according to the label, was 16 February this year.

Although supermarkets like to be early birds and get a head start on the Christmas preparation, he didn't expect the centrepiece of his festive feast to have been frozen more than ten months ago.

The clip was captioned: "Aldi froze their turkeys in February this year. Buy fresh people."

It ended up blowing up on TikTok as a horde of people confessed they had no idea the turkeys were frozen so early on in the year, although others thought it was obvious.

One wrote: "I'm off to the butchers tomoz for our turkey, hate the supermarket ones."

Another said: "That's the point of freezing things, to preserve them. So they're ready when needed."

A third added: "Just checked my frozen Lidl turkey and it was frozen at the end of October this year."

The bloke was stunned to find out the Aldi turkey was frozen in February.

A fourth chimed in: "It will be fossilised."

And a fifth commented: "I bought all my Christmas dinner frozen bits in the summer. Much cheaper and keeps well in a chest freezer."

According to Aldi's website, the supermarket's full range of British Frozen Turkeys landed in store on 10 October to help people who were looking to spread the cost over the festive period, while Medium Frozen British Turkeys and Turkey Crowns were already available in store.

It adds: "Aldi recently released its Frozen Food Meal Plan to help shoppers deal with the rising cost of living, promoting cost effective yet nutritious meal swaps for families.

"Choosing a frozen turkey this Christmas means shoppers can still enjoy a delicious bird for their festive feast, while spreading the cost across the months running up to the Big Day."

LADbible has contacted Aldi for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/gleno2023

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