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Bartender explains grim reason they would never order draught beer at bar

Bartender explains grim reason they would never order draught beer at bar

Well that's me put off of for life now - OK, maybe at least until I've had a drink

Even if you’re solid on your drinks choice, one judgy look from a bartender can have you questioning every life decision you’ve ever made.

Are they silently judging my vodka blackcurrant lemonade? Have we chosen the worst mocktail on the list? Should we have gone with a different pint this round? They are the lord of this land.

I mean, realistically, they probably couldn’t care any less about what we’ve ordered.

But we care, we trust them, we respect them. So if a bartender is saying there’s something they would never order, we’re listening.

A bar manager from Santa Monica, California claims he’d never order ‘draught beer at a dive bar’.

If you’re also partial to a quick pint after a late night at work during the week, strap in.

Daniel Yeom told Huffington Post you can’t know ‘the last time the draught system got cleaned’.

He explained: "It can be really nasty in there with fruit flies and gunk."

Gross. So if you’re a little sus of your local’s cleaning practices, it’s probably just worth sticking to a bottle of beer rather than a good old pint.

No draft beers for us then.
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I mean, Yeom advises to avoid most of your staple drinks if you’re at a dive bar anyway.

The bartender says he will: “Never order a glass of wine, or anything other than a gin and tonic, whiskey and Coke, or a beer in a bottle at a dive bar.”

He explained: “I don’t know how long that wine’s been open, and the chances of whatever bottle has been sitting behind the bar making me happy is pretty close to zero.”




One a bottle of wine is open, the flavour starts to degrade pretty much immediately - so it’s possibly you would be ordering a rank glass.

In an arguably understandable piece of advice, another bartender recommends avoiding ordering a Guinness on a busy night.

No one wants a s****y pint.
Maria Argutinskaya/Getty Images

Jack Tynan, who works a a brewery in Brooklyn, said: “I wouldn’t get a Guinness at a busy dive bar, because it takes about a week to 10 days to pour the dang thing.

“I’ll sit in a nice quiet pub and get a Guinness because they’ll take the time and do it right.”

As many of us, unfortunately, know all too well.

And if you’re more of a cocktail kinda person, turns out there’s one specifically bartenders ‘never order’.

Lauren Lenihan, who works in New York City, said of Long Island Ice Teas: “I personally don’t mind making them, but there are a TON of bartenders that refuse to make them, let alone drink them.”

Well I’ll just have a bottle of Corona then please. Or maybe just a water?

Featured Image Credit: DANIEL LEAL/AFP/Getty Images/Getty Stock Images

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