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Gross nose oil trick gets rid of excess beer head fast

Gross nose oil trick gets rid of excess beer head fast

If you want a beer with less foam, you might have to follow your nose - although this trick is a little bit disgusting

If you’ve ever had a pint of beer that came with way too much foam on it, here’s a handy tip to get rid of that foam, and quickly.

Just bear in mind that you might lose the respect of everyone you’re out for a pint with, and gross out the bar staff, because it’s pretty grim.

We’ve all been in a situation where a pint has come and consisted of at least 50 percent foam.

It’s not great, and it leaves you feeling short-changed and – if you actually drink it – bloated, as well.

However, instead of sending it back, why wouldn’t you just show everyone how greasy you can be by using this trick involving the natural oils on your nose to reduce the foam?

Sure, it won’t make you popular with anyone, but what do you want – friends, or a pint without a tonne of foam on top?

If you chose the second answer, here’s what you need to do.

You could just ask the bartender to sort it for you though.

Take your finger – any you like really, it’s not going to matter – and wipe it back and forth on the front of your nose.

Then, take that finger, which now has some oil from your conk on it, and wipe it around the rim of the glass.

You’ll notice the foam recede, leaving you free access to the golden beer beneath.

This obviously isn’t going to work with something like a Guinness, but for all your major lagers, pilsners, and the rest, you should be OK.

The science behind it is quite interesting, to be honest.

Do you really want nose oil in your beer, either?

Each of the bubbles on the top of a pint of beer is one individual pocket of carbon dioxide, trapped in by proteins and carbohydrates.

When you get the oil involved, it breaks down those proteins and carbohydrates, causing the bubbles to burst and the foam to collapse.

But – I hear you ask – why the nose?

Well, it’s just a part of you that is fairly easily accessible and produces an extra bit of oil.

Even the nose of the cleanest person is going to have a bit of excess oil on there.

You can try getting the oil from pretty well anywhere on your body, but that might be considered even less socially acceptable than wiping nose oil on some poor bar’s glassware.

Just make sure you stay within the realms of decency and legality, here.

Anyway, that’s one way to sort out a pint that has come with an unacceptable amount of head on it.

The other is to politely ask the bartender to sort it out for you.

Remember though, some beers are supposed to come with a decent amount of head, and many people like that bit of extra foam, so you do run the risk of looking like a philistine if you plan to take it up with the server.

Probably not as bad as you’d look greasing the glass with stuff off your nose, though.

Featured Image Credit: Flashpop/Getty/pexels

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