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Expert explains why you shouldn't keep wine in your kitchen

Expert explains why you shouldn't keep wine in your kitchen

Well where else are you supposed to put it?

Dear reader, you probably have a bottle or two of wine somewhere in your home.

Obviously you know that white wines can go in the fridge and red should be kept out of there but - according to the experts - your bottles ought to stay well away from the kitchen.

Writing in Metro, wine expert Rob Buckhaven describes the kitchen as 'wine kryptonite' because the temperature of the room is 'all over the place'.

Think about it, in your kitchen you're going to have an oven, possibly a dishwasher and maybe you even keep your washing machine in there as well.

On days when you're really feeling the temperature you can step into the kitchen and feel like you've entered a different climate, and your wine notices as well.

Wine in the kitchen? In France you'd be sent to prison for 20 years for that!
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According to the wine expert, the kitchen is pretty much the worst room in the house to keep bottles of wine in because of all these changes in temperature, along with all the vibrations from various machines, the humidity and the lights.

At this point you're probably wondering where you're supposed to stash your bottles of wine, since unless you're incredibly posh, rich, or posh and rich you likely don't have a wine cellar.

Space is a bit of a premium in the home so a whole room dedicated to wine is pushing it, but there are some spots in your abode which might be more appropriate.

The wine expert said that even if you didn't have a wine cellar, any old cellar would do alright.

To dabble in philosophy, does a cellar become a wine cellar if you start storing wine in it or must it be constructed with the express purpose of storing wine in the first place?

I'm sorry you have to witness such barbarity.
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I'll leave you to ponder that one but Buckhaven says it's a good spot to keep your bottles.

Failing that, if you've got a spare room you're never using then switch off the heating, draw the curtains and shut the door to block out direct sunlight.

The temperature you ought to be aiming for to get optimal wine storage is 13°C.

If you don't have a spare room to convert into a sommelier's storehouse then the cupboard under the stairs might do, though the vibrations from people going up and down the steps might mess things up.

A shoe cupboard by the front door might also work, though you'll need to let guests know not to just chuck their shoes in there and then field the obvious question 'why is your shoe cupboard full of wine'.

Whatever you do, the wine expert says you definitely shouldn't stick your tipple of choice in the garage or the attic as the temperature will vary wildly and land you in the very mess you were trying to avoid.

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