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Most popular foods that experts advise should never be cooked in your air fryer

Most popular foods that experts advise should never be cooked in your air fryer

Although they can cook pretty much everything, even air fryers have some limitations.

Air fryers have a reputation as being the appliance that can do it all.

You can bang pretty much anything in there for a fraction of the time it would take to cook in the oven.

The energy-efficient gadgets consistently churn out tasty meals, but you should be wary about what ingredients you throw in them - as you should avoid cooking some stuff in your air fryer at all costs, according to a pair of food experts.

Ailsa Burt and Samuel Goldsmith revealed that some elements to your favourite meals just don't mix well with the much-loved appliance, and put their heads together to come up with a list of do's and don't's for BBC Good Food.

First up, anything with wet batter - such as fried chicken - is a big no no, as it will end up a 'very messy' affair.

Ailsa explained that because there isn't enough hot oil to set the batter, it will end up dripping everywhere instead of forming the crunchy coating we all want.

"The puddle of batter may also burn the base of your air fryer basket," the former restaurant worker added.

Similarly, anything with a sauce is off limits to air fryers for Samuel, who encouraged Brits to avoid putting anything liquidy inside.

Food with wet batter like fried chicken create a right mess, the experts said.
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The foodie said people should avoid whipping up there favourite winter warmers in the kitchen favourite, as some things should just be left to slow cookers - including the likes of stew, bolognese or chilli con carne.

Sauce-based recipes can be dangerous to prepare in an air fryer as when the heat circulates inside, the hot liquids can splatter - which can be messy and could land you with a burn.

Air fryers also weren't built to boil or steam foods - such as pasta or rice - so don't think even think about it. Unless you're finishing them off in there to get a crispy result, stick to the hob and the oven, Samuel added.

Popcorn is also problematic in an air fryer, Ailsa said, as most models can't even reach the temperature required to pop the kernels.

Kernels can also become lodged within the appliance's heating element which could cause it to short circuit - creating a fire hazard. So, stick to using the pan or the microwave for your mid-movie fix.

Leave your popcorn to the pan, rather than the air fryer.
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Although we know you can make some banging brussels sprouts in the air fryer, it isn't the same case for broccoli.

It struggles to retain its moisture so can easily dry out, becoming chewy and bitter - so you're better off roasting it instead.

Brits have already been warned not to do their bacon in an air fryer, and now hard-boiled eggs have been given the boot too. I mean, who actually makes them this way?

Your egg will probably be chewy and rubbery after being air fried. If it's not broke, don't fix it - so just boil the kettle and grab a pan.

But if you're a maniac and still want to try an air fried boiled egg, Aisla advises cooking medium-sized eggs straight from the fridge at 125C for 10 minutes.

Don't throw your soldiers in there either - as it 'won't really cook properly' in an air fryer, cookery assistant Helena Busiakiewicz added.

She said it will simply move around without getting that golden colour you desire - so continue using the toaster.

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