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Why Mars bars are called Milky Way in America

Why Mars bars are called Milky Way in America

Mars is famous for its combination of nougat caramel and caramel, covered in creamy milk chocolate

The fact a Mars bar is called a Milky Way in America is just as annoying as when they call football - soccer.

But at least the Brits will always have one up on the Americans when it comes to chocolate.

In the US, they will tell you that Hershey's and Reese's are no match for our beloved Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Our famous Mars bar was first manufactured way back in 1932 in Slough by an American, Forrest Mars, Sr.

Most of the world knows a Mars bar to be a chocolate bar with nougat and caramel, coated with creamy milk chocolate.

However, in the US, it is marketed as the Milky Way bar - just not the kind we are used to over here.

In England, a Milky Way bar is just nougat and milk chocolate, whereas in the US, this is what Americans would call a 3 Musketeers bar.

And to be fair to the Americans, the Milky Way bar recipe was developed first, as it was created in 1923 by Frank C. Mars and originally manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

But since both chocolate bars are made by the same company, Mars Inc., why do they have a different name?

Well, according to the Mars website, the difference in names comes from their two creators.

If you get a Milky Way stateside, you might be in for a surprize.
Matt Cardy/Getty Images/eff Greenberg

So, when Frank invented the Milky Way bar in 1924, the bar was intended to taste like a milkshake, but in bar form. Frank’s son, Forrest, also joined the business. but he wanted to expand the candy bar empire abroad, while his father did not.

Forrest decided to leave the company to move to England where he formed his own enterprise.

The son then recreated his own version of his dad’s Milky Way and called it the Mars Bar.

Although the bars were very similar, both brands used ingredients that were sourced from local manufacturers, which created some taste differences.

But when Franklin passed away, Forrest took over his father's business and eventually merged the two companies.

So there you have it.

That being said, there was an American Mars bar, which contained slightly different ingredients with nougat, toasted almonds, and chocolate.

It has now been discontinued.

The bar's branding is different depending upon where you are in the world.
Education Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Now, back to UK matters, chocolate fans were gutted to realise that Mars has recently axed its dark chocolate Bounty bars.

One of the bar's biggest fans, Piers Morgan, posted on X (Twitter) and said: "I've just been told my favourite dark chocolate red wrapper Bounty bars have been discontinued, and this is the last one left in my dressing room stockpile.

"I'm outraged. This will cause immeasurable harm to my mental health. Please reconsider."

Someone else: "Noooooo. Dark chocolate Bountys beat milk chocolate Bountys hands down.

"Mars don't do this to us."

Another added: "It's always been my favourite chocolate bar."

Featured Image Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images/eff Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

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