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Miller & Carter’s strict dress code that causes customers to be denied entry

Miller & Carter’s strict dress code that causes customers to be denied entry

The famous steak restaurant chain is known for its delicious dishes as well as its particular dress code

Miller & Carter is known as one of the leading steak restaurant chains in the UK, having even been branded as 'the masters of steak' by the Craft Guild of Chefs.

However, the popular chain is known for more than just its steak, rubbing a lot of people the wrong way in recent times for its strict guidelines which have even stopped potential customers from dining there.

Its restaurants lean towards the nicer side of the scale when it comes to eating out while still being relatively affordable, with its prime steaks being highly sought-after by meat lovers.

It was also recently revealed why the restaurant serves a chunk of lettuce before dishing out its juicy steaks.

Just before your steak arrives at a Miller & Carter steakhouse, a wedge of the green stuff is served at the table.

Diners can pick a dressing from the likes of a Classic Vinaigrette to a Caesar & Garlic Croutons topping for their triple-layered serving of lettuce.

Miller and Carter is known for its delicious steaks among other things.
Miller and Carter/TripAdvisor

A Miller & Carter branch in Coventry explained on social media: "The wedge provides a cold crisp texture to accompany our steak. Iceberg lettuce also helps our digestive system break down heavy proteins and carbohydrates".

They also explain that it is a tasty appetiser that compliments the flavours of their steak, so you could say it's nice of them to consider how well we might digest our food.

Aside from its menu, the chain has also come into the spotlight over recent years for its dress code, which many people weren't actually aware of.

In fact, it even saw one bloke get turned away for dressing too 'chavvy'. Yikes.

It has a strict dress code.
Miller and Carter

Miller & Carter's specific dress code has been highlighted in the FAQs section of its website, making it abundantly clear that there are strict guidelines to follow if you are planning to give one of its restaurants a visit.

It reads: "We like to think that dining at Miller and Carter is a bit of a treat, and many of our guests like to dress up to celebrate their special occasions.

"Therefore we have a smart-casual dress code and kindly request that no sportswear is worn when visiting Miller and Carter."

If you are one of the people who was looking forward to a tasty date at one of the restaurants, it might be worth noting this to avoid being turned away at the door, even if you have booked a reservation in.

Featured Image Credit: Miller and Carter/TripAdvisor

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