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Giant cans and balloon shows: here's how Pepsi revealed its new look worldwide

Giant cans and balloon shows: here's how Pepsi revealed its new look worldwide

It's a new take on a classic colour scheme

Pepsi has unveiled its new look across the world, taking over famous landmarks around the globe with a series of digital installations.

For the first time in 14 years the Pepsi logo is changing and it’s already gone worldwide, being unleashed across 120 countries as imagined in these striking images.

The digital installations have been erected across the world, blazing a distinctive identity of pulsing electric blue and black onto major global landmarks.

In London, an installation beside the O2 arena appeared to project the image of a giant inflatable Pepsi can rising from the water of the River Thames, with a light show of drones creating an accompanying lightshow in the skies.

Meanwhile, in Warsaw and Ho Chi Minh City hot air assemblies of over 70 balloons created a giant Pepsi logo that dominated the skylines, while an interactive digital mural showed up in Australia.

Pepsi made a giant can emerge from the River Thames in London.

Major shows are put on in Saudi Arabia and over the Nile River in Egypt in the images, while the Gaddafi Cricket Stadium in Pakistan appears to see a giant Pepsi can landing mid-game.

The new logo takes elements from Pepsi's past and mixes them with more modern features for a bold and current vision.

First unveiled in the US and now rolled out to 120 countries, the pulsing logo is meant to evoke Pepsi's 'ripple, pop and fizz'.

Eric Melis, PepsiCo's VP in Global Brand Marketing for Carbonated Soft Drinks revealed that as part of the design process people from all over the world were invited to draw the Pepsi logo and most combined the brand name and globe .

He found this "remarkable given that both have been separated for the past 14 years".


"We wanted to show how Pepsi, through this visual identity change, brings to life its brand platform 'Thirsty for More', which is the attitude and mindset our target audience has of always trying new things and living new experiences," he said.

"What better way to showcase the brand’s transformation than through these iconic installations.

"We've always been a bold brand that challenges conventions, challenges the status quo and always puts enjoyment first. Our new visual identity is bold, unapologetic, modern, and iconic.

"Our fans can expect the same great taste they’ve come to love with even more of the immersive and entertaining experiences we’re known for across music, sport and culture."


The logo combines 'nostalgia with a firmly modern twist' and Pepsi is looking forward to more people seeing it at the major events of 2024, including the UEFA Champions League Final Kick Off Show at Wembley Stadium in June.

These showcases across the world are only the start, with Pepsi fans urged to keep an eye out for more experiences as the year goes on, via @pepsiglobal.

Featured Image Credit: PepsiCo

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