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Pot Noodle has controversial advice on how you should eat Chicken and Mushroom flavour

Pot Noodle has controversial advice on how you should eat Chicken and Mushroom flavour

Pot Noodle has suggested a rather interesting ingredient to 'spice up' the snack

Pot Noodle has a rather controversial suggestion for how you can ‘spice up’ a Chicken and Mushroom pot.

Pot Noodles are a UK kitchen cupboard staple, whether you fancy a quick snack or a light lunch - sure, they’re not exactly fine dining but they’re cheap, easy to make and keep hunger pangs at bay. What more can you ask for?

But when it comes to preparing them, it seems we are a nation divided.

It’s not rocket science, is it? Peel back the lid, remove the sachet, fill to the line with boiling water, leave for a couple of minutes, stir and add the sachet, if you fancy it, before leaving it for another couple of minutes - then burn your mouth off eating it too soon because you’re too greedy to wait for it to cool down. Straight forward enough, yeah?

However, last year, it transpired that some folks are adding in an extra step by draining off the liquid and just leaving behind the noodles. It pains me to think that these people walk among us.

TikToker @abbey_ohagan kicked off the debate, explaining: “So, when I make two-minute noodles, I just do it the way it says it on the packet.

Pot Noodles are a UK kitchen staple.
Pot Noodle

“I’ll boil the kettle, put in the hot water, put the stuff in, cover it and let it cook and marinate.”

“The thing that gets me is that so many people, once this is done, will drain all of the water out.

“To me, that is like borderline psychopathic. Because the water with like all the goodness is the best part.

“But then some people also put in the seasoning after draining and they don’t have that beautiful brothy water.

“I don’t know, it keeps me up at night.”

Others disagreed, though, with one person commenting: “The flavour is stronger, not watered down.”

While another asked: “Who wants soggy noodles?”

And now Pot Noodle has… erm… stirred the pot further, by sharing some tips on how to ‘spice up’ the snack with the introduction of a rather unusual ingredient.

Pot Noodle has suggested an unusual addition.

On its website, Pot Noodle has some ‘extra tips for spicing up your pots’, telling fans that although the noodles are ‘perfect’ on their own, you can add something extra if you’re feeling ‘adventurous’.

For its Chicken and Mushroom flavour, Pot Noodle suggests: “Why not add in some cheese for an indulgent experience? The noodles are perfect with some melting cheese.”

I reckon I’m going to have to take your word on that one, guys.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@potnoodle

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