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Man shocked after comparing largest US and UK Starbucks drinks

Man shocked after comparing largest US and UK Starbucks drinks

A TikTok user showed the stark difference between the biggest drinks you can get at Starbucks in the USA and UK

A man has revealed the difference between the biggest drinks cup on offer at Starbucks in the USA and the biggest you can get in the UK, and – honestly – it’s a pretty stark difference.

You might not be surprised to learn this, but you might be surprised at the actual amount difference, given that there isn’t a vast difference in price.

It’s fairly well-documented that things are bigger across the pond, from burgers, to fries, and even roads and cars.

Imagine what things must be like in Texas, where things are ‘always bigger’, even more than the usual standards for the US of A.

Anyway, Starbucks drinks are absolutely no different, and the biggest one that you can get Stateside looks – at first glance – to be around a quarter bigger than the UK equivalent.

The two Starbucks cups for comparison.

The investigation into this was done by TikTok user - @theasianusher - who managed to get a gigantic Starbucks cup back across the Atlantic Ocean following a trip, and took it down to a local Starbucks to compare it with the British counterpart.

Once he pours the largest UK drink into the US cup, he finds it only goes up about three quarters of the way.

What’s more, the UK drink was more expensive, coming in at ‘around’ a fiver, whereas the US drink was $4.99.

So, as you will probably know, Starbucks doesn’t offer things like ‘large’ or ‘regular’ sizes, they’ve all got different names.

They use the Italian versions such as ‘grande’ and ‘venti’ instead.

In the USA, the biggest on offer is a ‘trenta’, which is 30 fluid ounces in total.

In the UK, the biggest that is on offer is a ‘venti’, which has around 20 fluid ounces.

Even the ‘venti’ in the USA has 24 fluid ounces, meaning that is bigger as well.

So, the US one is simply a bigger size, and one that can’t be bought over here.

How much iced coffee can one person want to drink, anyway?

The size difference is even more pronounced after the coffee is swapped over.

As @theasianusher points out, most people will just use this as a way to drag Americans over their obesity rates, but they’re actually getting more stuff for less money, which – during a cost-of-living crisis – is technically a better deal.

After all, if you’re buying a Starbucks iced coffee, you’re treating yourself, aren’t you?

Nobody is acting as if it’s a health snack, and nor is it marketed as one.

So, would you rather get more for your money, or pay less and have less?

It’s a delicate balance, but on both fronts it seems as if the USA comes out on top on this one.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@theasianusher

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