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People stunned after realising they’ve been using OXO cubes wrong their whole life

People stunned after realising they’ve been using OXO cubes wrong their whole life

It turns out they're a lot easier to use than you thought

It turns out a lot of people have been having a lot more trouble with OXO cubes than they really ought to.

They're basically little squares of stuff all compacted into a handy geometric shape bursting with salt, fat and flavour.

Maybe try not to think too hard about what they are exactly and just enjoy the effect they have on your meal.

Only for some people using them has been trickier than intended as getting them open requires carefully peeling the packaging without disturbing the cube shape.

It's a stock cube, so why would they go to the trouble of making it a cube unless it was supposed to be used in cube shape?

Turns out that's all a load of cobblers, as people have been sharing their cooking tips and among them is the easier way to get into an OXO cube.

Never mind all that careful peeling of foil, because according to TikToker thenuttyfamily1 what you should be doing is squashing the thing down flat before tearing a corner of it and sprinkling in the flavour.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, or whichever rhyme your brain can conjure up about squashing and pouring out OXO cubes.

Crush it until it looks like this, then tear off a corner and pour.

That's the simple bit, but on videos sharing this little tip there are a lot of people who are only just discovering this is how they could have done it all along.

Plenty were utterly flabbergasted at the OXO cube not having to be in cube form when you add it to the cooking, as they said they 'never knew this' despite using the stock cubes for years.

So now you have permission to just smash them into powder and pour them out instead of getting fiddly with the foil.

As for other things you ought to be doing in the kitchen, giving your chopping board a stonking good wash is one of them.

Did you know this?

On top of that you might want to watch out for the sheer amount of microplastics you might be consuming as each chop of the knife shaves off a little bit more and deposits it in your food.

Studies indicate that people eat the equivalent of between one and 10 credit cards worth of plastic a year, with the chopping board one of the main ways it gets into our foods.

Then of course you might want to reconsider your adherence to the five second rule after seeing how bugs treat your meals.

Just because it was only disturbed for a few seconds it doesn't mean it's fine to eat.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/thenuttyfamily1

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