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Walkers finally explain why bag of crisps always looks so empty when you open it

Walkers finally explain why bag of crisps always looks so empty when you open it

It actually makes sense

There's nothing worse than the heartbreak of opening a bag of Walkers Cheese & Onion crisps on your lunch break just to find there's barely any inside.

But, it turns out there's actually a pretty good explanation for it.

When it comes to snacks, a good old bag of crisps is perfect for filling the spot. At least it would if packets didn't always seem so empty.

X user Lucas brought the topic up online when he asked: "@walkers_crisps is this what you call a packet of crisps? If you only put about 12 crisps in there to begin with, maybe reduce the size of the packaging to advertise a realistic product?

"These are both brand new opened bags. the first photo literally left me in shock."

Alongside the question, he shared two pictures of near-empty packets of the snack.

Another X user was equally shocked at the seemingly paltry portion of crisps, writing: "That’s awful ! Better off getting Aldi own brand as at least they fill the packet."

There's a reason why Walkers don't fill their crisp packets up to the brim.
Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

But, rather unexpectedly, Walkers replied and cleared up a question that has left savoury snack lovers in bits for years.

"Hi Lucas, we fill our bags by the weight printed on the pack, cushioned with air/nitrogen, because no one likes broken crisps."

So that's that.

And it's fair enough, there's nothing more annoying than trying getting tiny fragments of the crisps stuck to your fingers.

In other Walkers news, the food manufacturing company has confirmed that it's axing one of its most divisive flavours forever.

The flavour in question? Marmite. And it's come as a blow to many.

If you've ever tried getting your hands on a pack of Walkers Marmite before, then you'll know they're not the easiest to find.

The company has also announced that it's axing Walkers Marmite.

Yet, the news that they'll be gone forever has left fans of the spread devastated.

One wrote: "This flavour crisp takes me back to the 1960's," while another said: "I always come back to these."

Another said the news had ruined her day, adding: "Completely ruined my Friday. If they discontinue the marmite ones, they should at least bring back the beef and onion ones."

Walkers has since apologised to the gutted Marmite lovers.

"We are very sorry to disappoint fans of Marmite flavour Walkers crisps with this news. We know many crisp lovers will hate to see this Walkers’ flavour go.

"This change will enable us to focus our efforts on making more of the flavours crisp fans love the most."

Featured Image Credit: X/@MurrayRichards6

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