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Truth behind the ‘ghost poo’ and why it actually happens

Emily Brown

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Truth behind the ‘ghost poo’ and why it actually happens

People have all sorts of names for their poo.

I know, it's a bold topic for a morning, but you're the one who clicked this article.

There's a classic sh*t and the polite 'number two', but if you've ever plopped out a poo only to find there's absolutely no sign of it on the toilet paper, then you, my friend, have experienced a 'ghost poo'.



You're confident you felt it leave your body, but still the toilet paper remains clean and you might not even be able to see the poo in the bowl, making you have doubts about what just happened.

Surely it's not the poo itself that's a phantom, so why does the 'ghost poo' happen?

Doctor and TikToker Janine Bowring has taken to the platform to explain the phenomenon, revealing that not only does it save you a bit on toilet paper, but it also is a sign that you're in good health.

Revealing a whole plate full of fake poos - again, you brought this on yourself - Bowring said: "If you have this type of poop, you might just be the healthiest person on the planet.


"It is the ghost poop. The poop where you look in the toilet, you're like 'I'm sure I pooped, but it's gone'... you even wipe and you're like 'I thought I pooped, I don't see anything."

The doctor went on to explain why this can happen, revealing that one of the reasons is because you 'probably have enough fibre' in your diet.

"If I pooed... why couldn't I see it?" Credit:  Andrew Neel/Pexels
"If I pooed... why couldn't I see it?" Credit: Andrew Neel/Pexels

"It's because you've got that fibre, you've got enough of those essential fatty acids, your circadian rhythms are in tune with nature, with the light and dark cycle of the day, and you've got that ghost poop," she said.


Dr. Bowring's claims were echoed by NHS GP Dr Philippa Kaye, who confirmed that unloading yourself without any trouble is a sign of good health.

Per The Sun, she explained: "Stool which is easily passed without straining yet isn't too loose can be a healthy stool as it is not constipation or diarrhoea.

"A normal bowel habit can range from several times a day to twice a week. The key is to know what is normal for you and to see a doctor if this changes."

If you've never experienced a ghost poo, you might want to think about upping your fibre and fatty acid intake - not only could it improve your health, but it might just save you some money on toilet paper, too.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images/Stock Photo

Topics: Health, Science

Emily Brown
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