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Couple’s controversial strict rules for ‘happy marriage’ include never spending time with the opposite sex

Couple’s controversial strict rules for ‘happy marriage’ include never spending time with the opposite sex

The list has divided social media users

A husband and wife have shared their self-confessed ‘controversial’ rules that they say makes their marriage work.

Jaden and Andy McGrew, from Texas in the US, got hitched back in July 2021 and regularly share updates about their married life on TikTok on their account @jadenandandy.

However, one post caused a bit of stir after the couple decided to share the list of rules they say helps their relationship run smoothly.

In the clip, which is captioned: ‘Controversial things about our marriage that we didn’t realise are controversial’, the couple admit to constantly sharing their location via Life360, sharing all their passwords and ‘having no secrets’ and ‘not hanging with the opposite gender alone’.

As you can imagine, the list has sparked a bit of debate online with some admiring the couple’s commitment and others thinking they’ve taken it a bit too far.

One person said: “I don’t understand the last one. Do y’all not trust each other around the opposite sex or is it that you don’t trust the others in that situation?”

Jaden and Andy’s relationship guidelines caused a stir online.

Another commented: “We trust each other so we don't have rules for behaviour like we're children. Wouldn't have gotten married otherwise.”

Disagreeing, another TikTok user said: “It's refreshing to see two people your age with such commitment to each other and your marriage!”

While someone else added: “Only people who have a problem with it are people who have something to hide. My boyfriend and I do these as well. The location [is] mainly for safety.”

Speaking to Fox News Jaden defended the clip, explaining: "These are things we agreed on in our relationship over time and from experience.

The couple insist on no secrets and share their passwords.

"We never really sat down and came up with ‘rules,’ but that seems to be how people have interpreted it.

"These are just things that work for us in our current stage of life, and we were shocked to see how controversial they were!"

She went on to say that although the couple are strict Christians, the guidelines serve a practical purpose as well.

"While we believe that marriage is the greatest commitment one can make and want to protect our marriage, none of the things mentioned in the video are based solely on our faith," she said.

"For example, sharing location is just practical and allows us to check in on each other without having to wait on a response."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jadenmcgrew

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