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Woman left disgusted by 'worst meal ever' she was served for breakfast on airline

Woman left disgusted by 'worst meal ever' she was served for breakfast on airline

Food blogger Nicola Easterby was less than impressed with the in-flight menu.

Holidaymakers in economy class are hardly expecting fine dining while they're flying thousands of feet in the air, but some airlines seem to be competing to serve the craziest meal combinations possible.

One traveller has told how she was fed an array of barmy dishes during a long-haul flight with China Eastern, which she seriously struggled to stomach. Take a look at this:

Expert foodie Nicola Easterby had just enjoyed quite the decadent spread at her three day wedding celebration in the South of France too, so her tastebuds got quite the rude awakening when she chowed down on subpar plane food.

The travel blogger, based in London, explained that she grew increasingly 'nervous' as the next meal on the 28-hour journey to Brisbane back in December was served, and after seeing the state of them - I don't blame her.

You get what you pay for folks - as Nicola found out the hard way 'why China Eastern flights are so cheap'.

Her and her husband James still splashed about £550 each on their plane tickets, though.

The content creator, who is 'on a mission to explore every cuisine and culture in the world', admitted she won't be rushing to book another seat with the airline after finding out what the mid-air menu had to offer.

Nicola Easterby wasn't impressed with China Eastern's in-flight menu.
Kennedy News and Media/@polkadotpassport

She shared a video to TikTok where she told her 212,000 followers that it was 'the worst airline food I've ever had'.

Nicola joked that the lengthy journey had 'started really well with broken entertainment units for the first four hours', but things got even worse when the first meal service came around.

She explained while vlogging her experience: "They asked if I wanted chicken noodles or fish pie - when I asked for the chicken noodles, of course they had already run out. Now I know this fish pie looks bad, but I tell you what it tasted even worse than how it looked."

The bizarre-looking pie was then followed up with 'the saddest couscous salad that she has ever seen in her life' and a plate with a melting packet of butter on it and a bag of salted peanuts - 'but not a bread roll in sight'.

The foodie was served up some unappetising meals during the 28-hour journey.
Kennedy News and Media/@polkadotpassport

The globetrotter said the 'only fully edible part of the meal' was a pear ricotta crumble, before adding: "Which wasn't even good - it was just a lot better than everything else."

You can see how this is shaping up to be quite a disastrous dining experience.

Nicole continued: "We then had eight hours without any food at all, not even a little snack, before we was served our next meal. I thought the salad component of the meal couldn't get worse than that couscous salad, but I was proved wrong."

The next bush tucker trial she had to get through consisted of pork noodles, which she said were more appetising than the fish pie, but at this point her standards had dropped 'so so low'.

But the bizarre breakfast offering really took the biscuit.
Kennedy News and Media/@polkadotpassport

The couple then had a five hour layover at Shanghai Airport before getting on the next 12-hour flight to Brisbane, where they were given another serving of strange combinations and a bizarre breakfast.

Nicola said she was given a prawn and potato salad as well as chicken edamame noodles, which she described as 'the best meal of the day'.

She added: "China Eastern certainly saved the best for last, as our breakfast was this monstrosity.

"It was mac and cheese with prawns and mushrooms. This would be bad at any time of the day, but for breakfast! I just could not think of anything worse."

I don't know about you, but I certainly couldn't stomach that mix before sunrise.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media/polkadotpassport

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