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Rare 2003 footage shows sheer speed of Concorde flying from London to New York in less than three hours

Rare 2003 footage shows sheer speed of Concorde flying from London to New York in less than three hours

Concorde was retired in 2003

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or not, there’s one mode of transportation that you’ll never get to experience again.

Not only was it supersonic, but it was also a luxurious way to fly at an average $12,000 (£10,256) for a round trip.

Immediately associated with the rich and famous, Concorde airplane was the height of fast travel and ran for a whopping 27 years in its prime.

Concorde was a renowned British Aircraft Corporation and Sud Aviation design which could reach up to speeds of 1,350 miles per hour (that’s 800 miles faster than the Boeing).

The only time you'll see a Concorde is at a museum.

In a bid to create something better than ever and to minimise trans-Atlantic flight time, Concorde was first developed in 1962, six years after studies first began on the craft.

£70 million and a lot of critics later, the aircraft was ready for commercial passenger use and first flew its route in 1969.

Some passengers have claimed it would force you back into your seat during take off with a pressure similar to a rocket.

Now, that sounds exciting.

The plane was tailless, with the capacity to seat between 92 and 128 passengers comfortably.

The footage has given insight into what it was like to travel on the aircraft.

The thing with plane was that if you were a fan of fast travel, you’d have loved the supersonic speed and ability to travel half-way across the world in one afternoon.

It was so fast that its quickest journey from London to New York took around three hours.

Isn't that insane? That's at least five hours less than what you'd be able to experience today.

Tragedy struck, however, in July 2000 when Concorde crashed, killing 109 onboard and four on the ground.

The plane - which was flying from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport to New York - had run over a piece of metal on the runway which caused a burst tyre, setting off a horrific chain of events that saw the craft burst into flames and crash into a small hotel in Gonesse.

Even though it served airlines and passengers well for 27 years, unfortunately due to high overhead costs and delays, coupled with the fact passenger numbers had fell following the devastating crash, Concorde hung up its hat in 2003, the same year as this rediscovered YouTube footage:

In this video, Dennis Toeppen captured the entire journey, from boarding to landing on a Concorde flight from London to New York which would be a rare glimpse into what air travel was like on the commercial plane just four months before it would retire.

Something notable about the flight is that it's pretty noisy, but I mean, it was 2003 - we've got to cut them some slack.

Plus, Concorde was pushing itself to the limit to reach ground-breaking speeds so I guess that's another element.

Dennis' journey took viewers across the Atlantic and straight to sunny NYC in just three hours.

Travel fans have been giving their take on Concorde, with one branding it as 'so cool' and another calling it 'beautiful'.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/concorde2003

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