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Woman shares ‘most underwhelming’ experience of common bucket list activity

Woman shares ‘most underwhelming’ experience of common bucket list activity

Adriana was left less than impressed after forking out a hefty amount of cash for her failed trip to one of her bucket list destinations.

We've all got things we'd like to tick off our bucket lists before we're six foot under - whether it's jumping out of a plane, running a marathon or visiting one of the wonders of the world.

A lot of people like to look at it in a less-morbid way and instead see it as setting life goals, rather than compiling a catalogue of things you probably should get round to doing before you die.

Prioritising which experiences you'd prefer to complete first is also a big thing for bucket list planners, as getting a tattoo obviously isn't as urgent as visiting Venice before it goes underwater, like scientists have predicted.

It seems we all need to get our arses in gear and start planning those trips we dream about to some of the world's most wonderful places, as some of them might not be around for much longer.

The decline has apparently already started to take serious hold in some spots, as one woman said she had the 'most underwhelming' experience she could imagine while visiting one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Australian TikToker Adriana, known as @ajelesslipss online, said she was left gutted after the highlight of her day during her bucket list trip was 'having coffee and cake' to get warm.

Adriana was less than impressed with her bucket list trip.

Sharing a video documenting her experience, she wrote: "This has been on my bucket list for years! To say I was devo'd and underwhelmed is an understatement."

The Sydney-based brow artist said the enviable excursion 'was not cheap' either, as she had chosen the 'most expensive and recommended tour' to ensure she had a memorable experience.

Adriana and her partner of 18 years had booked to visit Australia's Great Barrier Reef, expecting to see stunning coral formations, run into rare underwater species and swim with the fishes.

But instead the pair claimed there was 'no colour, no fish' and that it 'all looks dead' - adding that 'it's certainly not what you would expect' from the world's largest coral reef system, which is supposedly extraordinary to see in the flesh.

The Aussie was disappointed there was 'no colour' in the Great Barrier Reef, and that she didn't see any sea creatures.

Adriana explained she had 'waited years' to visit the Great Barrier Reef and had heard it was rejuvenating itself after being drastically depleted by pollution and global warming.

She said the tour operators took the group to what was supposed to be the 'nicest spot' - known as Bait Reef located on the Whitsunday Islands - but it was still 'quite hard to see anything' as the water was so foggy.

She said: "The only time we really got to see fish was at the end when we fed them a little bit of bread, which we were told off for by the way. And even though it was torrential rain, terrible weather, they still took us out.

"I just love the greed of these companies that still take us out when they know that the weather is shocking and that we're not going to have a good time. It really was quite dangerous out there."

The Great Barrier Reef boasts rainbow coloured corals and is home to an array of marine life.
Getty stock photo

She told how she 'felt guilty being there' seen as though over-tourism has also played a part in the deterioration of the Great Barrier Reef, adding that she 'wasn't aware of how bad some areas were'.

Adriana said it also didn't look like it does on TV, as she believes 'documentaries use flash lights and bright lights to make it come to life', so if the sun was shining it might have been a different story.

She added: "I knew through global warming & too many of us tourists, that we had done some damage, I had heard and hoped we were regenerating it. This proved to me we have a long way to go.

"The guides agreed that what you see on documentaries is not reality and is very rare to see."

Social media users were left stunned by her disappointing visit to the Great Barrier Reef, although many pointed out her bad experience might have had a lot to do with the area she visited and the gloomy weather.

One said: "The Great Barrier Reef is huge, not all of it is a nice reef to look at. There's spots that are more dense with marine life than others."

Another added: "The Great Barrier Reef is overrated," while a third wrote: "You must have gone to the wrong spot girl. I promise it is what is seems."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ajelesslipss

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