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Passenger trapped in plane toilet for entire flight gets note slid under door half way through

Passenger trapped in plane toilet for entire flight gets note slid under door half way through

He endured a lot of people's nightmare scenario for the majority of the flight

Going to the toilet on a plane is a risk in itself, you don't know how clean it might be, or the stench that might be left from the person before, the list goes on.

But one of the worst things that can happen to someone in this situation occurred to a SpiceJet passenger recently.

In what can only described as a claustrophobic nightmare, a man endured a horror situation while popping to the loo.

According to the Indian Express, the unnamed passenger was travelling from Mumbai to Bengaluru in India on a one hour and 45 minute flight on Tuesday (January 16), and visited the lavatory shortly after take-off.

However, once he was done and ready to head back to his seat, the door wouldn't open because of a lock malfunction.

SpiceJet released a statement following the unfortunate toilet imprisonment, with one part outlining the situation: “A passenger unfortunately got stuck inside the lavatory for about an hour.”

Other passengers and flight crew tried desperately to free the passenger but were unsuccessful.

The cabin crew even decided to write a note to the man to calm him down, which was slid under the door.

Flight crew wrote the passenger a message of reassurance.

The note read: "Sir we tried our best to open the door, however, we could not open.

“Do not panic. We are landing in a few minutes, so please close the commode lid and sit on it and secure yourself. As soon as the main door is open, an engineer will come.”

Some words of reassurance to the person, who was stuck in a tiny stink box in the sky with absolutely no control over the situation.

In a video posted on Press Trust of India's X page, the man appears incredibly calm while filming himself in the mirror, then trying to unjam the door.

SpiceJet concluded the statement by saying: “SpiceJet regrets and apologizes for the inconvenience caused to the passenger.

“The passenger is being provided a full refund.”

The unnamed passenger was trapped in the plane's toilet.
Getty Stock Image

He was reportedly saved almost immediately after the plane landed though, as two engineers managed to pry the door open.

The passenger has since recalled the ordeal in an interview with The Times of India.

He explained: "During landing, I was thrown around and suffered injuries. It took 20 minutes for someone to start breaking open the door. When I came out, I had bruises and my vision was blurred for a while.

"But I received no medical help even after coming out of the loo. I got a bottle of water and barrage of apologies from SpiceJet."

SpiceJet told the outlet that the crew 'provided assistance and guidance to the passenger. Upon arrival, an engineer opened the lavatory door and the passenger received immediate medical support'.

LADbible Group has contacted SpiceJet for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Image/Bildagentur-online/X

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