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People instantly 'feel sick' after seeing inside of man's cabin on 9-month long cruise

People instantly 'feel sick' after seeing inside of man's cabin on 9-month long cruise

Marc Sebastian has been delivering brutally honest reviews of Royal Caribbean's cruise while on board.

You can imagine travellers on board the nine-month cruise would start to get a bit of cabin fever at some point, even if they have brought along some homely touches for their lengthy voyage.

But this bloke has informed social media users that he is struggling with the idea of hunkering down in his sleeping quarters for just under three weeks - let alone the best part of a year.

If you haven't made it onto the nine-month cruise side of TikTok, you might not be aware of the controversial opinions flooding in about Royal Caribbean's 21-year-old ship, Serenade of the Seas.

Marc Sebastian is one of the many people who were fascinated by the concept of the Ultimate World Cruise and ended up getting a spot onboard himself after a publisher, Atria Books, sponsored his trip. Alright for some, isn't it?

Take a look at his room review here:

He has hopped on the vessel for the South America-Antarctica leg, is setting sail for 18 nights and has been put up in an 'ocean view state room on the third floor'. Even though it sounds pretty fancy, it isn't what people expected.

Not to mention the fact his short jaunt on the Serenade of the Seas cost a whopping $8,500 (£6,700), a fact that isn't sitting well with some either.

Marc is merely documenting a small snippet of the nine-month holiday, which is scheduled to take holidaymakers around the globe - visiting 11 world wonders and more than 60 countries over the course of 274 nights - but he admits he couldn't last the whole hog in his outdated cabin.

In a recent update video, the content creator gave us cruise lovers a room tour, which left a lot of people questioning how on earth anyone could live in there for nine whole months.

He hilariously captioned the post: "For 18 nights? fine. But for nine months? No can do babe."

Marc is being brutally honest about his thoughts on the nine month cruise.

Marc's first moan centred around the wardrobe area, where some guests will be packing clothes for all weathers rather than specific spots like himself - so although he admitted it's a 'decent sized closet' for his gear, he added: "I'm not sure how you would fit nine months of clothes in here."

He then moved into the bathroom area, where he comically compared stepping into the 'super small' circular shower enclosure as feeling like 'one of those capsules in a drive through bank that shoot out the top'.

But Marc managed to find at least one silver lining.

He sarcastically explained: "But it's actually really efficient, because the water only comes in three temperatures — which is freezing, scolding hot, or third-degree burns, and I actually like a shower that takes the decision-making out of my morning."

He isn't a fan of the 'small' shower or the unflattering lighting on board.

Another prominent issue that has been raised by other guests as well as Marc is the 'torturous' lighting, which he joked forces him to get ready very quickly 'because every minute I am underneath it takes one year off my life.'

Continuing his room tour, he said: "This is the little couch area, allegedly this pulls out into a couch - I fear to even see that. I think what's really great about this carpet, is that if I wasn't already feeling seasick, now I am."

The only saving grace seemed to be his wide porthole window which gives him an epic view of the ocean - as his 'scary bed' and the dozens of mirrors that line the walls just aren't doing it for him.

People didn't think the price of his room for 18 nights was worth it.

Marc's followers shared their thoughts on his expensive room in the comment section and between the dizzying carpet, lack of space and the hefty price tag, a lot of people said they were left 'feeling sick'.

One wrote: "Can’t believe the price of this cruise when it’s soooo dated!"

Another stunned user said: "This is too small for one person, imagine two people for nine months."

A third added: "$8,500 for not even 3 weeks is insane!"

A fourth chimed in: "All the mirrors are to trick your brain that the room is bigger and the curtain blocks the glare from your ocean view window into the TV."

And a fifth commented: "I laughed so freaking hard during this review."

LADbible Group has contacted Royal Caribbean for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Jeff Greenberg/Getty/Marc Sebastien/Instagram

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