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Pilot gives 'hot tip' on seats to pick on a plane if you're scared of turbulence

Pilot gives 'hot tip' on seats to pick on a plane if you're scared of turbulence

The pilot also shared a top tip for people who feel sick while flying

It's not uncommon to feel nervous before taking a fight, and one of the main things people fret about is turbulence.

Though in the vast majority of cases you're in no real danger during turbulence, that doesn't make the sudden jolting any less terrifying.

However, sitting in certain seats can help you to avoid any big impact from the frightening phenomenon, a pilot has revealed.

What is turbulence?

Turbulence can occur for a number of reasons, with it often being the result of the plane flying through clouds, the result of up and downdrafts of wind.

This can feel fairly calm or more extreme, depending on the weather conditions.

Turbulence can also occur when there are no clouds to be seen, this happens as a result of jet streams and is known as 'clear air' turbulence.

What are the best seats to avoid turbulence?

To avoid feeling the full impact of turbulence, you can sit in certain seats, Australian airline pilot Jimmy Nicholson has advised.

He shared his 'hot tip' regarding where to place yourself onboard if you 'hate turbulence' or get motion sickness.

Many people struggle with feeling nervous before flying. (
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"If you sit at the front of the aircraft you are going to experience less turbulence. So if you are at the back, it is going to be a little bit more bumpy," he told the Express.

"The rear of the aircraft will swing more, the front will swing less. So if you are scared of flying or feel sick when you experience turbulence sit at the front of the aircraft, that would be my hot tip."

Cloud turbulence can be detected and avoided but 'clear air' turbulence can be slightly trickier.

Nevertheless, Jimmy says there is nothing to be concerned about, adding: "Remember, the aircraft is not going to fall out of the sky. You are all good, it's just an annoying thing that hopefully will only last for a couple of minutes."

How to avoid motion sickness on a plane

Jimmy shared a tip for those who feel sick while flying too, advising people to search for a visual reference to help while experiencing the impact of turbulence, which he notes will only last a 'couple of minutes'

A pilot has shared his top tip for dealing with turbulence. (
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Jimmy added: "If you do feel sick when you're flying look for a visual reference. So, look outside of the window and stare at the horizon and hopefully it will help you as well.

"You won't be in turbulence for long, we will either climb or descend to get you out of the turbulence. So if anything it will be a couple of minutes so it's annoying but don't worry, we are not stressed about it."

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