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Expert explains why men are more likely to enjoy 'raw-dogging' on a flight

Expert explains why men are more likely to enjoy 'raw-dogging' on a flight

The new trend sees people engaging in some rather unusual flight activity

An expert has explained why men are more likely to enjoy 'raw-dogging' on a flight than women.

Before we get started, it's important to note that raw-dogging probably isn't what it sounds like.

Men are raw-dogging on flights (Getty Stock Photo)
Men are raw-dogging on flights (Getty Stock Photo)

Best not pop it in Urban Dictionary or it might bring up something totally different, but ICYMI, it's a new - and pretty bizarre - travel trend that sees people heading off on long-haul flights armed with absolutely nothing to occupy them.

Most of us like to get stuck into a book, several movies - or at least music - while flying.

After all, stop for too long without a distraction and we might just start overthinking the fact that we're hovering mid-air.

So it's no surprise that people come prepared with headphones and a comfy neck pillow, at the very least.

But for those who are partial to 'raw-dogging', enjoying a long flight can often mean staring out of the window, fixating on the flight map for the entire duration, or simply twiddling your thumbs.

It's become such a thing that people are even documenting it on TikTok.

One person shared a video explaining: "Just rawdogged a 7hr flight (new personal best), no movie, no water, nothing. Incredible. The power of my mind knows no bounds."

While another said: "Just raw-dogged a flight from Orlando to LA. No water, no snacks, no music or entertainment. Seat fully upright. The power of the mind has no limits. Stay hard."

It seems the most experienced 'raw-doggers' are also opting to sit in the middle seat, refrain from even drinking water and are even wearing jeans, instead of comfy leggings or trackies.

The trend seems to be especially popular among men, with many taking to social media to share the longest they've ever flown while raw-dogging.

Some were reporting flights of up to 14 hours, which we have to admit must take some serious mental strength.

Now, one expert has weighed in on why men are more likely to enjoy the trend than women.

Chartered psychologist Dannielle Haig told LADbible: "This whole 'raw-dogging' trend on flights - where people board without any distractions like headphones or books - is pretty fascinating, especially since it seems to attract more men.

"As a business psychologist, I think it's partly because men are often socialised to value stoicism and mental toughness, so sitting alone with their thoughts can feel like a test of endurance they’re up for.

"Plus, this time of undistracted reflection can really help with stress relief and mental clarity.

"Without constant stimuli, the brain gets a chance to rest, which can lead to increased creativity and better emotional processing.

"It's like a forced mindfulness session that can actually be quite beneficial for mental health."

Dannielle explains that it can also give us the chance to connect with our inner thoughts.

"In an age of tech obsession, where we're constantly glued to our devices and rarely have a moment for self-reflection, I think this trend is amazing," Dannielle continues.

"It provides a unique opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with our inner thoughts.

"Regular breaks from our digital world help reduce anxiety, improve self-awareness, and even enhance sleep quality.

"Men might find this especially beneficial as they often don’t engage in introspective activities as frequently. So, while it might sound odd at first, there are real psychological and health benefits to just zoning out and being alone with your thoughts on a long flight.

"It’s a chance to reset, gain mental clarity, and come out of the experience feeling more refreshed and focused."

Perhaps it might be worth a try, after all?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/JDRunsFar/Getty stock images

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