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Travel expert says most people make same mistake when going to loo after plane has landed

Travel expert says most people make same mistake when going to loo after plane has landed

She said there's a specific loo you should go to after your plane touches down

A travel expert has revealed the perfect toilet to use once your plane has touched down at its destination.

Given the state of the loo on the plane itself there's no surprise in people often choosing to hold it in until they get to the airport.

Answering the call of nature when you're in the rather unnatural position of flying through the sky at hundreds of miles an hour is anything but convenient.

If you must use the toilet on a plane then at least be glad that when you flush you're not actually dumping your turds onto the ground below as you might have assumed.

Still, it's not the most sanitary of places to lighten your load and if you can't wait until the plane arrives then going right before take-off or at the end of a flight are the absolute worst times to do it.

You don't want to use the toilet on the plane, do you?
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You should also definitely get your toilet time in before food is served if you're on a long-haul flight, but a travel expert has explained what's to be done if you can hold it until arrival.

Places to Love host Samantha Brown recently blogged about this particular situation and had some specific advice for people who were bursting after disembarking.

The travel expert explained that if you need to relieve yourself of some solids or liquids then 'the second closest bathroom' was your ideal port of call.

That might sound a little bit odd but her reasoning was 'everyone usually beelines for the first' which will leave you stuck in a queue while you jig up and down in an attempt to hold back the unstoppable tide.

While everyone is rushing for the closest toilet your clever plan to go for the second closest could mean you can waltz right in and relieve yourself without waiting for anyone else.

The travel expert suggested you go to the second closest toilet after touching down in order to beat the queues.
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The travel expert also recommended that you pop to the loo after getting off the plane whether you feel like bursting or not.

She reasoned that with a lot of checks and gates to get through after leaving the plane it was better to do that on an empty bladder rather than suddenly needing to evacuate your bowels while waiting at the luggage carousel.

You don't know when your next toilet will be available, so unburdening your bladder is just the smart move.

As for which toilet cubicle you ought to head into to handle your business, apparently you should avoid the middle one.

According to the psychology of the toilet, people are most likely to choose the middle stall so you might want to avoid that one if you fear overuse has made it unclean.

Featured Image Credit: Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket/Getty Images/Getty Stock Images

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