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Passenger claims secret UK airport hack means you can always get through security in less than 10 minutes

Passenger claims secret UK airport hack means you can always get through security in less than 10 minutes

A woman claimed you can beat the slow paced security queues with this handy hack

A woman has shared her 'life-saving' holiday hack which she claims can get you through airport security in just ten minutes.

Frequent flyers will be all too familiar with the dreaded queues moving at a sluggish pace because someone didn't put a lighter in the little plastic bag.

It's arguably one of the most frustrating parts of the travel process, especially if you're in a rush to get to your gate.

But a woman says she has found a solution to the problem via an incredible shortcut that allows her to speed through security in London's Stansted Airport.

Have a look here:

TikTok user @thecraicinlondon described it as the 'best airport hack you will ever learn' in the video which has gone viral.

She took social media users along for the ride as she made her way through the security area, pointing out how busy it was along the way.

The woman said: "You look at the queues, you think 'nah, not for me. I'm going this way'."

She told tourists they should make a beeline for the 'fast track' area - even if you haven't paid for the pass.

The TikToker claimed you will still be able to get through and check in quicker than everybody else. Like a kind of free fast track that's apparently been right in front of you all along.

The traveller swerved the lengthy queues and headed to her secret shortcut.

This is because there are still normal check-in gates alongside the designated speedy section, which are often overlooked.

You can use these even if you only have a standard boarding pass.

The traveller declared: "Trust me, you won't queue for more than ten minutes this way."

It's probably important to bear in mind you might p*ss people off who've been stood in the normal security line the whole time, though...

She explained she 'used to hate' flying from Stansted due to the crowds of passengers in security before she cottoned onto the airport hack.

"This trick is a lifesaver.. and a timesaver," the clip was captioned.

She sped through the empty area that is often overlooked by passengers.

Social media users were grateful for her airport advice with many admitting they wished they had realised it sooner.

But not everyone was as happy that the queue beating concept had become such public knowledge.

One commented: "Why didn't you gatekeep this?!"

Another said: "Good to note! It's a useful hack, especially for those with extra access needs."

A third wrote: "Not always faster, just depends on the day."

A fourth added: "Don't tell everyone! This is my secret."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thecraicinlondon

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