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Dad uses pram hack at airport to 'get through security quicker'

Dad uses pram hack at airport to 'get through security quicker'

He reckons it's an easy way to get through security faster

A dad has shared a simple hack that parents can use at airports for an easy time while passing through security.

Luke Gallimore, who has two children, employed the trick during a recent family holiday to Turkey and insists it came in pretty handy.

Offering advice to fellow parents, Luke said: "If you have a buggy take it with you, in our experience, you’ll get through security faster.”

Luke reckons that fellow passengers are more likely to be sympathetic towards those who are travelling with children and may even let you jump the queue.

Similarly, he believes that airport staff might also help out and get you through security quicker.

Alongside that, some airports also allow those with pushchairs to pass through security in a more timely manner - such as Manchester Airport where parents of young children can use the fast-track lane, or London’s Gatwick Airport where there are special lanes for those who have a pushchair. However, it’s always worth checking on the guidelines before you go so you know what the set up is.

Luke, who offered his advice to loveholidays as part of a round of tips for travelling parents, went on to suggest some another handy hint.

The dad-of-two said bringing a pushchair to the airport speeds things up.
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“Always make lists of what you need and tick off as you pack, our boys love their devices, so we make sure we have enough films for them downloaded for the flight, so you don’t need to worry if there is dodgy or non-existent Wi-Fi,” he added.

Last year, a bloke shared an altogether less honest bit of advice for travellers - after he managed to beat security queues by pretending to have a sprained ankle.

Wolf Jenkins pretended that he had sprained his ankle when flying out from Milas-Bodrum Airport in June last year by removing his shoe and sock and putting on a limp.

The dad suggests a simple trick to avoiding lengthy queues at the airport.
Pixabay/Rudy and Peter Skitterians

He was then asked by airport staff if he had a fight to fly form, but told them he had only hurt his ankle on route to the airport and that he could walk if necessary.

However, the staff got him a wheelchair and pushed him around the airport before he took his seat on the flight.

While he was aboard, he and his friend were then given rows to themselves so Wolf could stretch his leg out.

Wolf filmed his stunt and shared it on TikTok where it quickly went viral, racking up more than one million views.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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