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Is This The WWE's Hall Of Fame Class Of 2017?

Is This The WWE's Hall Of Fame Class Of 2017?

It's a good one, if it is.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Around this time in the wrestling calendar all eyes are pointing in the direction of Wrestlemania, as they wait to see what unfolds at the flagship event.

This year Big Show has received a lot of attention as he shows off his transformed physique, ahead of a match, which has since been cancelled, with basketball star Shaq.

The giant is looking in top shape these days, and claims John Cena had a hand in helping on the road to leanness.

"John sets the bar pretty high for every Superstar, and I'm not just kissing his butt because he's John Cena," Show told "He's a hell of an individual, and we were joking one day. We were talking about getting in shape and I said, 'Ah, what the hell is a giant gonna do with abs?'

"John looked at me with a straight face and said, 'Yeah. A giant with abs. That wouldn't be marketable at all.' And he walked off."

That's just one thing everyone is looking forward to seeing, in whatever capacity that might be following the cancellation of his planned match.

Ahead of Wrestlemania, as always, the WWE Hall of Fame show will commence.

Kurt Angle will lead the way at the show, having been inducted following an 11 year absence from the company.

The Rock 'n' Roll Express, former referee and SmackDown! general manager Teddy Long, Diamond Dallas Page, Beth Phoenix and Rick Rude will all reportedly join Angle, as well as Eric LeGrand as the Warrior Award recipient.

According to PWInsider, Shaq was rumoured to be inducted as this year's celebrity, but ever since his match with the Big Show ended up down the toilet, there appears to be no chance of that happening.

PWInsider also reports that former European, Intercontinental, Hardcore and Tag Team Champion, 2008's King of the Ring, and current trainer at the WWE Performance Center William Regal was an option to be inducted this year, but that has also fallen through. PWI says that the feeling within the company is that his time could come as soon as next year.

Whatever man, can we just get Scotty 2 Hotty to do the worm and Rikishi to shake his arse, please?

Featured Image Credit: PA/WWE

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