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11-year-old making '£110k a month' making toys decides to retire

11-year-old making '£110k a month' making toys decides to retire

An 11-year-old who makes a staggering amount of money selling toys has decided to retire to focus on her education

Many of us will be fairly happy if we have made enough to be able to retire come the age of 65 these days.

But one girl who is just 11 years old is ready to retire already as she allegedly makes a staggering £110,000 a month selling toys.

As you'd have probably already expected by now, Pixie Curtis is not your average schoolgirl based on the income she's said to rake in each month.

While many 11-year-olds would be content with a couple of quid pocket money each week, Pixie allegedly makes a fortune through her accessory brand, Pixie's Bows.

Pixie Curtis has made a lot of money through her business.
@roxyjacenko/ Instagram

She has built an impressive business selling bows and even launching her fidget spinner business (remember those?) during the pandemic.

Pixie, from Australia, is the daughter of PR guru Roxy Jacenko, who has obviously helped her young daughter along the way.

But Pixie has certainly put in a lot of hard work and graft, to the point where it is claimed the fidget spinner business brought in £110,000 in a single month.

Despite her massive business success, Pixie is now 'semi-retiring' from her cash cow to focus on her education, with the start of high school fast approaching.

Speaking to, Roxy said: "Pixie has decided to hang her online toy store shoes up to focus on her impending entry into high school...

"In short, over the past few months, we have been discussing the business plans going forward as a family and decided that while it has been an amazing journey starting some three years ago, it was time to refocus with high school just around the corner."

Mum Roxy has said Pixie will now focus on her education.
@roxyjacenko/ Instagram

She continued: "While the Pixie’s Pix online store will remain, it will go back to how it began in 2011 – as the best destination for children’s hair accessories and hair bows known as Pixie’s bows – something that we will continue to manage together but with a lot less time/pressure for Pixie."

Previously, Roxy has said that Pixie's financial success would mean that she could retire at 15 as a millionaire.

With all that money, Pixie has become known in recent years for living a lavish lifestyle, including her 11th birthday party which apparently cost around £23,000.

Pixie is also the proud owner of a £150,000 Mercedes Benz GI, despite being years off being able to drive it.

Featured Image Credit: @roxyjacenko/Instagram

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