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Bryce Hall Accused Of ‘Double Standards’ By Ex Addison Rae

Bryce Hall Accused Of ‘Double Standards’ By Ex Addison Rae

Bryce Hall opened up about the downfall of Bradison on the Sway Life

TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Addison Rae have been throwing knives at each other after Rae accused him of "double standards" when he opened up about their break-up.

It was during the latest episode of Sway Life, a reality TV show which documents the lives of internet celebrities, that Hall started telling viewers about the downfall of Bradison.

The video was captioned: "The Last Straw for Bryce. Want to know what really happened with Bryce's relationship in Atlanta? The truth will shock you #SwayLife."

How long were Addison Rae and Bryce Hall together?

Rae and Hall officially got together in October 2019. They were together for around a year before breaking up in March 2021.

To start with, the breakup all seemed amicable. But that didn't last long. In April, Hall called Rae out for blocking him on social media and a series of cryptic tweets seemed to accuse her of cheating on him.

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae at the start of their relationship (

It turns out that in the week leading up to the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight on 17th April, Hall and Rae were spotted hanging out and even shared a kiss on the cheek in one of Hall's YouTube videos.

"The week before [the fight], I went to Atlanta. I was talking to Addison. We were doing alright. We were planning to meet up," Hall explains in the video. "I get there... me and Addison are vibing. I think the post of me kissing Addison on the cheek was leaked... Happiest time. Everything's going super smooth."

But then it all kicked off a bit, when Rae was seen with another guy at the fight.

"I get told about the situation with her and another guy. Hits me right in the f**king chest. I'm like... shocked. And then figured out maybe that's why she went to Atlanta a week early. And I'm like, oh my god, I feel so f**king stupid."

Rae hit back at these claims, commenting "The truth? This is very one-sided." She also liked a fan's comment that said, "If he's going to profit off of publicizing that drama, then she should call him out for his bullsh*t."

You can watch the episode on Instagram here:

Then the argument moved to Twitter and Rae tweeted the words "double standards," which insinuates that there might be more to the story than Hall let on.

Addison Rae accuses Bryce Hall of
Addison Rae accuses Bryce Hall of

Hall responded with a tweet of his own, telling Rae to "calm down."

Bryce Hall tells Addison Rae to "calm down" in a tweet (Credit:Twitter/BryceHall)
Bryce Hall tells Addison Rae to "calm down" in a tweet (Credit:Twitter/BryceHall)

He then tweeted: "why is everyone's first insult at me to go for my ex as if it bothers me? she's my EX for a reason lmao."

Bryce Hall hits back at Addison Rae sympathisers in a tweet (Credit:Twitter/BryceHall)
Bryce Hall hits back at Addison Rae sympathisers in a tweet (Credit:Twitter/BryceHall)

Hall and Rae both have huge social media followings and their relationship was very much in the public eye. Hall has 1.3 million followers on Twitter and Rae has 4.8 million. Rae's music video for Obsessed hit 20 million views on YouTube at the end of May.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Bryce Hall

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