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60-year-old smashes Guinness World Record for most pushups done in one hour

60-year-old smashes Guinness World Record for most pushups done in one hour

Rob Stirling broke through his personal goal of 3,200 pushups and kept going until the buzzer rang.

A 60-year-old man has proved age is just a number.

Rob Stirling wanted to set a Guinness World Record for the most amount of push-ups done in one hour and has absolutely smashed the previous title holder.

Last year in April, Aussie man Daniel Scali set the record at 3,182 push-ups.

Doing three sets of 10 in the space of five minutes is exhausting, let alone doing thousands of them back-to-back.

Rob decided to test the waters and do an unofficial attempt at beating Scali's number in Miami.

Fox 13

When that was completed he set out to etch his name in the Guinness World Record books.

He set a personal goal of 3,200 push-ups and would keep going for as long as his body would allow him.

But there is a trick to getting each push-up counted.

It's not your stock-standard military-style up and down; Fox 13 notes these are 'competition-style push-ups'.

He told the outlet: "To do them for competition you don’t lock out, you've got to have about a fist between your chest and the ground, and then you’ve got to be fully extended to where you don’t lock out."

Rob also didn't set out to just keep going for 60 minutes straight.

"The strategy to doing the most I can get in an hour is doing short sets," he explained to Fox 13.

"I am doing short sets of 12, and then I’ll get up and rest for approximately seven seconds and then 12 more.

"And I will just continue to do that the entire hour."

Not only did he count each push-up in his head, he also had two cameras at different angles that captured his every movement.

Rob says it's just as much a mental game as it is a physical one.

As the 60 minutes wrapped up, the push-up king not only beat the Guinness World Record and his personal goal, but he absolutely smashed it.

At the final count, the 60-year-old managed to do 3,264 push-ups.

He's sent the footage of his attempt to the Guinness World Records to get an official verification.

It should take a couple of weeks for him to know whether his attempt will be accepted or not.

In the meantime, Rob has already set his sights on his next record.

"There's a one-minute world record as well, it's 144 push-ups in one minute and I set out to do that while I was training for this," he said.

Featured Image Credit: Fox 13

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