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93-year-old grandmother straps herself onto a plane wing for a death-defying ride

93-year-old grandmother straps herself onto a plane wing for a death-defying ride

Despite having arthritis in her neck, the woman broke a new Guinness World Record.

A thrill-seeking 93-year-old grandma has taken to the skies in a death-defying ride.

Ninety is seriously the new 20.

Betty Bromage was inspired by a chocolate bar TV ad for Crunchie to wing walk and complete an entire loop, which ended up breaking a new Guinness World Record.

She said: “At my age I can’t run, so I looked for other ideas and took inspiration from the Crunchie wing walking advert.

''I thought ‘I reckon I could do that’ and that’s what started me off!”


However, the daredevil pensioner from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, is no newcomer to death-defying acts.

This is her fifth time wing-walking, making the rest of us look like amateurs.

Despite having arthritis in her neck, the 93-year-old was still able to strap herself to the wing of the plane while it did the loop-to-loop.

The whole mission was designed to raise funds for the palliative care charity Sue Ryder.

So far, Betty has raised more than £23,000 (AUD $39,932 or USD $27,788) for her local charities.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard reveals that the grandmother was inspired to raise money for Sue Ryder as a thank you for taking care of one of her family members.


“Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice helps so many people,” she said.

“They looked after my sister-in-law and they were so kind to her.

“They cared for a few of my friends over the years too. They are such a genuine charity.”

She also revealed via the online fundraiser, JustGiving: “When I was 89 I did my first wing walk for Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice. Now I'm 93 and doing another for such a wonderful cause! 

“Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice is Gloucestershire's only hospice with beds - providing expert palliative and end of life care. They also have a Hospice at Home nursing team and provide bereavement support for families who are grieving.”

Betty admitted that there was still some part of her that wanted to prove that she hadn’t lost her mojo, according to Indy100.

She said: ''I want to prove that I can still do it!

''As you get older things aren’t as easy as they used to be, but I really want to give it a go.

''My neck is a lot better than it was as my osteopath has been really working on it – at one point I couldn’t even turn my head.

“Being able to get up onto the plane and back down again is achievement enough for me. My dear daughter in law and grandsons back me up all the way.''

Featured Image Credit: SWNS.

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