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OnlyFans model Abigail White found guilty of murder after stabbing boyfriend to death

OnlyFans model Abigail White found guilty of murder after stabbing boyfriend to death

Abigail White, and OnlyFans model who calls herself 'Fake Barbie', stabbed her boyfriend Bradley Lewis to death

An OnlyFans model has been found guilty of stabbing her boyfriend to death after he broke up with her.

24-year-old Abigail White stabbed Bradley Lewis through the heart at the home they shared together in Bristol, the court heard.

The OnlyFans model – who styles herself as ‘Fake Barbie’ – has been convicted of murder and will be sentenced later today.

White claimed initially that Lewis had stabbed himself, before changing her story to say that she only picked up the kitchen knife that she eventually killed him with to ‘scare’ the father of four.

Jurors didn’t buy that story, finding her guilty of murder, which was followed by a life sentence from the judge.

She had initially pleaded guilty to manslaughter, denying that she had murdered Lewis.

Abigail White.

Before the horrific incident in March, Lewis had reportedly told White ‘I don’t want to be with you anymore’.

Then, after splitting with his model girlfriend he went out drinking with a pal – as well as White - remarking at one stage ‘I’m dead when I get home’.

Bradley had also then confided in the partner of a friend that he wanted to leave White, but hadn’t earlier because he was worried that she might kill herself.

White ended up throwing a drink over Lewis, before the pair left before 8:00pm and headed home.

Prosecutor Anna Vigars KC told the jury: "By ten past eight she was ringing the ambulance service and then screaming for a neighbour to come to the house, panicking and crying out for help.

“Because by ten past eight, Abigail White had stabbed Bradley Lewis through the chest, pushing the knife between his ribs and ultimately into his heart."

White and Lewis together.

White told the court that she had not meant to really harm or kill White, claiming she was ‘upset angry’ and adding: "It was just over before I even thought."

A psychologist at the trial confirmed that White suffers from borderline personality disorder and was likely to be in a state of crisis at the time she killed Lewis.

He claimed that a defence of diminished responsibility was consistent, though ultimately the decision would be up to judge and jury.

Another psychologist outlined how 99 percent of people would be more adept at controlling their anger than White, who she claimed had no strategy for coping with her anger issues.

Now, the judge has handed out a life sentence to White.

The Rt. Hon. Mr Justice Peter Donald Fraser handed down the sentence at Bristol Crown Court this afternoon, stating that White had 'murderous intent' at the time of the crime.

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