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Doctor's twelve questions he asks patients to determine if they have ADHD

Gregory Robinson

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A popular doctor on TikTok has shared the twelve questions he asks his patients regarding the behavioural condition attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

People with ADHD may seem restless and have trouble concentrating. According to the NHS, symptoms of the condition tend to be noticed at an early age and may become more noticeable when a child’s circumstances change, like when they start school.

Struggling to complete tasks can be a symptom of ADHD. Credit: Pexels
Struggling to complete tasks can be a symptom of ADHD. Credit: Pexels

Most diagnoses happen in children under the age of 12, however some cases are diagnosed later in childhood.


However, there are times when ADHD is not recognised at all when someone is a child and the individual may only get their diagnosis in adulthood.

Symptoms are divided into two categories: inattentiveness and hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

The exact cause of ADHD is unknown, however research has shown that that it can run in families.

ADHD can be managed with the appropriate educational support for children as well as advice for parents and affected children.


Some celebrities have spoken about having ADHD, including Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

Dr Ali Ajaz shares videos on TikTok about health and one clip that has gone viral includes the 12 questions he uses to help determine if adults have ADHD.

Dr. Ali Ajaz shared 12 key questions he asks people who believe they may have ADHD. Credit: @draliajaz/TikTok
Dr. Ali Ajaz shared 12 key questions he asks people who believe they may have ADHD. Credit: @draliajaz/TikTok

He warns that although some people may resonate with the questions, it doesn’t automatically mean you have ADHD, but it could be a reason to seek a professional’s opinion.


The questions are:

1. Do you have problems focusing on everyday tasks?

2. Do you often zone out or lose a sense of time?

3. Do you make careless mistakes at work or with assignments?


4. Do you struggle to initiate tasks and leave things to the last minute?

5. Do you struggle to complete one task at a time?

6. Do you struggle to organise yourself?

7. Do you ever get embarrassed at how untidy your bedroom, home or workspace is?


8. Do you lose essential items on a regular basis e.g. mobile phone, keys, wallet?

9. Do you struggle to relax or unwind?

10. Do you have problems with sleeping because your mind doesn’t switch off?

11. Do you struggle to wait your turn in queues or conversations?

12. Do you struggle to listen when spoken to directly?

These are some of the questions Dr Ajaz asks as part of a ‘more comprehensive assessment process’ which often involves a report and input from people close to the person who may believe they have ADHD, like friends, family and partner.

You can visit your GP if you believe your child or yourself has ADHD.

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Gregory Robinson
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