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Aldi Employee Explains Why They Scan Your Shopping So Fast

Aldi Employee Explains Why They Scan Your Shopping So Fast

It has nothing to do with screwing you over.

While many people have their theories as to why Aldi cashiers are so fast at scanning, a manager for the supermarket giant has put the debate to rest. 

Taking to TikTok, Matthew Lesky - who has over 305,000 followers on the app - explained why Aldi employees are so speedy at the checkouts. And there’s more than one reason. 

In the clip, he says: "The number one thing I hear when I tell people I’m an Aldi manager is, ‘Oh are you going to crush my groceries at the checkout? You go so fast'.

“Yes, we do go fast and I apologise if you’ve ever had that experience of things getting crushed. That’s never anyone’s intention.”

He goes on to reveal that Aldi workers are timed and receive a statistics report at the end of every shift, with info such as time between customers and how fast they went. 

“Employees are actively trying to improve their numbers,” says Matthew.

But the point he really wanted to highlight is how they are trained to ring things up. 

“So we move items across the scanner, ordinarily you would think you would grab something and move it this way,” he says. ‘This way’ being with the following hand motion: 

You don't want to be doing this with your hands thousands of times a day.

“But if you’re doing that motion thousands of times a day it’s a really easy way to get carpal tunnel,” he continues. 

“So we’re actually trained to push something across the scanner with a flat hand and with a right hand let it fall onto an open palm and then gently let it roll off into the cart. 

“While in some ways we’re actually trained to ‘throw things’ - sometimes it gets a little out of hand, pun intended, and things tend to go where we don’t want them to - it’s something we’re always working on.”

The TikToker finished by suggesting that if your shopping does get squashed at the checkout, feel free to point it out to the cashier and they’ll gladly replace it for you. 

Numerous people from the TikTok community took to the comments section to share their thoughts, including this person who wrote: “Honestly I love the Aldi checkout speed. 

“I’ve never had anything damaged in the process thankfully!”


A fellow Aldi employee thanked Matthew for revealing the truth, adding: “I wish more people understand why we have to go so fast.”

A third said: “I generally have a fine experience but a cashier did literally throw two bags of chips OVER the cart and they hit the floor.”

Sounds like that particular cashier was a little too eager to meet those KPIs.

LADbible has contacted Aldi for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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