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Thinking of heading to the snowy mountains? Here are some of the things freeride athlete Michaela Davis-Meehan packs to brave the cold

Thinking of heading to the snowy mountains? Here are some of the things freeride athlete Michaela Davis-Meehan packs to brave the cold

Freeride athlete Michaela Davis-Meehan reveals all the essentials she packs to ensure an epic ski trip.

Whether you’re planning a luxurious trip down the Swiss Alps or heading to Buller for the weekend, there’s a few tips and tricks that can make or break your ski vacation.

 Facing the chill of the alpines should never be underestimated. Most definitely, there are certain essentials you need to pack to ensure you’re ready to tackle even the most treacherous and frostiest mountains.

 Especially if you’re a first-time skier, planning a weekend away in the snow can seem daunting. Luckily, we’ve asked Freeride athlete and Flip ambassador Michaela Davis-Meehan about all the essentials she packs to ensure the best ski trip ever.


What’s your ultimate go-to highly insulated clothing for staying warm in the cold?

You can’t go past high-quality, technical gear. It’s kept me warm all over the world in all conditions.

When it comes to purchasing performance-enhancing skis/snowboards, what are the main things to look out for?

Trying different skis/boards to see what works for you is the best way to go. Demo days are a great chance to try before you buy; everyone has their own style and what they like.

There are different boards/skis for all types of riding such as park, freeriding, racing, powder etc. Read reviews and find a shop where people have lots of experience in the sport and know what they are talking about.

What's your favourite ski trip and what made it a top-tier experience?

If you’re off to the snow with a fun crew, that’s all you need for a top-tier experience, add some powder, and that’s the cherry on top!

Most snow trips are my fave, but there is one day in Hakuba, Japan that’s a stand-out. Just me and a mate riding this steep tree run that we somehow had all to ourselves, waist-deep powder and dumping snow that by the time we got back to the top, our tracks were already filled in!

I will never forget that day!


Finding insurance

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, injuries can happen. I don’t travel to the snow without having insurance. Flip Insurance covers common accidental injuries, including from snowboarding in the backcountry. I can flip it on and off in just a few clicks, and there’s no waiting periods so I’m covered for accidents that happen when it’s active.

So there you have it! Some things to consider when planning your next ski trip. See you out there on the slopes!

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