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Amanda Knox responds to student's 'entitled' viral whinge with savage joke after murder release

Amanda Knox responds to student's 'entitled' viral whinge with savage joke after murder release

She was wrongfully jailed for killing her Italian roommate - but that doesn't mean she didn't love studying abroad, apparently.

Amanda Knox, who spent four years in an Italian prison for murder before she was acquitted of the brutal slaying, has launched a blistering response to an American student's viral whinge about studying overseas.

Knox spent four years behind bars accused of killing her roommate Meredith Kercher while they were both studying abroad in 2007.

But Knox is now making headlines once again, firing off a tweet after an NYU student penned an essay complaining about their exchange trip to Italy.

"Girl, what are you talking about? Studying abroad is awesome," Knox tweeted, sharing the Insider op-ed titled, 'I'm an NYU student who studied abroad in Florence. I hated every aspect of my semester abroad'.

The writer of the piece, New York University student Stacia Datskovska, revealed she 'grew to despise the sights, hated the people, and couldn't wait to get back home to my campus in New York' after her supposedly awful trip to Florence.

Datskovska then detailed how she refused to travel with her roommates and fellow students, ditching 'sex shows in Amsterdam and getting wasted in Ibiza' for travelling alone to 'learn more about myself and explore ways to shape my life after graduation'.

She also revealed how she 'had a GPA to keep up' and refused to 'go out partying'.

Instead, she chose to stay at 'home working most of the time', later lamenting how she found herself isolated from her roommates she had clearly repeatedly rejected.

Then, out of spite, the student revealed she started wearing overly American brands to anger the locals.

She lashed out at the people living in Florence, hitting out at them for how they treated her purposefully spiteful behaviour.

She slammed them only being nice 'as long as we [Americans] don't infringe on their rights, safety, and comforts'.


Newsflash: It's not just the people of Florence who would like their rights and safety to be respected by American tourists.

As a result, the girl has unsurprisingly been roasted for being 'entitled' on social media.

And then came Knox's tweet.

The former murder suspect has since been hailed as a legend for her funny take on what is a s**t sandwich of an op-ed.

One user said: "You have won the internet for the day, Amanda. You can rest easy."

A second added: "Your tweet deserves an award! (*This essayist sounds like an entitled, xenophobic, solipsistic brat ... She’s going to regret writing this. Ugh.)"

We'd say she probably already is.

A third lashed out at the NYU student's 'pick me girl' attitude: She sounds like an absolutely insufferable a**. Her whole essay can be summarised: 'I; me; unlike them; I, on the other hand” and “why isn’t it all about ME??” and “why didn’t they love ME?'"

Even the Merriam Webster dictionary weighed in, sharing their definition of a 'spit take' in response to her tweet.


Featured Image Credit: LaPresse/Alamy Stock Photo. Mario Cuadros/Pexels.

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