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American fast-food chain Wendy's plans to expand to Australia

American fast-food chain Wendy's plans to expand to Australia

The first location Down Under has yet to be settled on, however, consultancy firm DC Strategy has been brought on board to help the search.

Rejoice fans of baconators, french fries, and frosty’s, because Wendy’s is expanding to Australia.

The American fast food chain is planning on making its way to Australian shores after hiring consultancy firm DC Strategy to help search for its first franchise, according to Daily Mail

The franchise has 7,000 restaurants worldwide and of course is best known for the square hamburgers (or sandwiches), french fries, and their frozen dairy drink the ‘Frosty’.

The first location Down Under has yet to be settled on, however, DC Strategy’s partnership is part of ‘an ambitious strategy to accelerate global growth.

The firm is now actively looking for ‘world-class, experienced franchise partners with strong operations experience’ to join and assist with expansion across the country.

So hopefully soon enough we’ll be chomping down some spicy nuggets while slurping down a frosty cold beverage. 

The first Wendy’s restaurant was opened by founder Dave Thomas in Columbus, Ohio back in 1969 and was where it launched its trademark square burger which is still found on menus today.

Since then it has become a global success and venues can be found across Europe, Asia, and several states and territories in America.

Along with their delicious burgers, the menu also offers chicken sandwiches, spicy nuggets, breakfast options, and even chilli. 

Of course, one of the more popular past-times for Wendy’s lovers is to dip their chips into their Frosty drink - although we’re not sure how easily that’ll translate over on Australian shores.

The move from Wendy’s follows similar expansions from US chains such as Five Guys, and Wahlburgers, actor Mark Wahlberg’s burger chain which opened in Circular Quay, Sydney last year. 

Five Guys came under fire after setting up shop in Australia.

The fast-food chain was selling burgers for five-star prices, with TikTok creator by the handle @abrakebabra_reviews slamming the restaurant after paying $215 (for six burgers, four lots of fries, and three milkshakes. 

The burger reviewer was appalled by the ‘very expensive’ burger that he said was on par with Hungry Jacks.

He shared in a video: “I cannot justify paying this amount of money for this. I’d go straight to Hungry Jacks.”

As long as Wendy’s maintains reasonable prices, we’re sure they’ll be a hit in Australia.

Featured Image Credit: Jonathan Weiss / Alamy. Michael Neelon Food / Alamy.

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