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Americans 'lose mind' after Brit uses common phrase we always say to shopkeepers

Americans 'lose mind' after Brit uses common phrase we always say to shopkeepers

We do say this a lot...

A Brit who used to live in America has revealed how people 'lost their minds' over a very British remark he said in the supermarket that is very often made by us.

Josh - aka @imjoshfromengland2 - explained to followers one of the biggest differences he'd seen between Brits and Americans.

From spellings, to slang words, there are plenty of differences between British dialect and that of our friends across the pond.

But Josh explained there was one word in particular that Americans just couldn't get their heads around.

Josh said people lost their minds over the word.

Speaking on TikTok, he told followers that when he lived in America, everyone would call each other 'sir' and 'ma'am'.

But it's totally different in the UK, with these phrases barely ever being used.

He explained: "I made a video yesterday and America lost its mind. One of the biggest cultural differences that I found between the UK and America is that in America, everyone would say 'sir' or 'ma'am' all the time. In the UK, we don't do that.

"A lot of Americans have asked, 'what do you say in the UK?' And I'm going to go to a shop right now and show you exactly what we say.

"This is not a skit, a joke or a prank. This is legit, okay?"

Josh then entered a corner shop and bought a bottle of Dr Pepper. When he approached the till, he said: "Hello mate, you alright?"

He counted how many times he said 'mate'.

He then counted every time he said 'mate' in the short exchange - and managed to rack up eight times.

"That's how Brits do it... That is a genuine thing we do in the UK. We do say mate all the time, like I'll call my grandad my mate, like everyone is your mate, it's crazy."

And Americans in the comments had all kinds of questions, with one asking: "Do you say mate to women too?"

While another said: "Umm do you also use 'mate' in formal settings, such as to your teacher or your boss??"

And a third recalled her experience of being in the UK, adding: "When I was in London I went to Debenhams and I was so nervous to speak English but the woman working there called me love and all my nerves just melted away."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Married to a Brit and the amount of mates and byes is accurate when he talks to someone else that’s British."

Others pointed out the similarities with Australia, with another adding: "Same in Australia, just about everyone is a mate even if you don’t know them and calling them sir/madam just wrong."

We do say 'mate' a LOT, tbf.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@imjoshfromengland2

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