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Amir Khan's Wife Defends Running Away While He Was Being Mugged At Gunpoint

Amir Khan's Wife Defends Running Away While He Was Being Mugged At Gunpoint

A newly-released video shows the moment of the mugging, where the boxer's £72,000 watch was stolen

Amir Khan's wife, Faryal Makhdoom, has explained her reaction to the boxer being held up at gunpoint in London last week.

Robbers stole Khan's watch off his wrist, worth a reported £72,000, before speeding off in a car.

The 35-year-old now claims that he feels 'very unsafe' in London, with the couple back at their Dubai home.

On Thursday, the couple recounted the incident on ITV's Good Morning Britain, with Makhdoom going on to explain why she fled the scene after the robbers approached.

She ran back across the road to escape the criminals, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic as she did so.

You can watch the CCTV video of the robbery below.

On her personal Instagram account, Makhdoom offered her side of the story, responding to some comments that questioned her choice to run away.

"I'm reading comments about how I reacted at the time in the situation," she shared in a story.

"First of all, you see two guns pointing at you. There is nothing you can do, you are helpless. Nothing at all can be done. I can't fight gunman for Amir. I can't get in front of Amir and get shot, this isn't Romeo and Juliet."

"At that time the best thing for me to do is think of my family, I have three children, and run and get help. That's it, that's the smartest thing I thought I could do," she continued.

Meanwhile, the former welterweight boxing world champion laid into London mayor Sadiq Kahn on GMB, accusing the politician of not doing enough to prevent crime in the capital city.

Khan urged the respected mayor to 'pull his finger out', adding: "You know, even after it happened, I was still in London for another two days, and I was walking around and I was very scared.

"I'm thinking: 'I've not got a watch on me now, God forbid someone comes at me in the alleyways'. And I do honestly feel very unsafe when I'm walking around London... England... because it is very dangerous."

He went into further detail about the incident while on the TV show, which came just weeks after his knockout defeat to Kell Brook in an all-British grudge match.

Khan told GMB: 'We just walked out the restaurant, me and my wife, and as I crossed the road I was literally just getting into the car, that's when I saw someone went up to me."

"They ran at me and literally it's the first time I've ever in my life I've even seen a gun in the UK. For someone to have that on the streets makes it so unsafe.

'I mean, that could have been anyone. And I couldn't really retaliate at all because my wife was next to me. God forbid the person shot the gun and it hit my wife."


He also discussed his wife's decision to run away, expressing relief that she narrowly missed an oncoming car.

"I'm so happy that Faryal ran back and she made it away from that scene because anything could have happened," he said on the show.

"She could have been hit by a car, literally so close from being hit by the car, and then luckily the other workers and the owners of the restaurant went over to make sure that I was OK, but it was a bit too late by then."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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