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Amsterdam looking to ban red light district windows and ask customers to book a different way

Amsterdam looking to ban red light district windows and ask customers to book a different way

Amsterdam's council is set to vote on restrictions for its red light district.

Amsterdam's Red Light District could see the curtains of its brothels shut for good, as the local council votes on how to 'clean up' the city's image.

The Netherlands capital is known around the world for its liberal laws on prostitution, as tourists jet in to see the sex workers.

Sex workers usually pose in windows in the De Wallen district, only closing the curtains when busy with a client.

But this could be set to change, as the local council is voting on whether clients should book their appointments on.

The head of the Dutch Liberal D66 Party has proposed a law that would force the curtains of brothels to stay permanently shut, pushing potential sex buyers to book via a QR code.

The politician feels that sex work in the city has led to 'degrading, undesirable' behaviour towards the women from 'drunken tourists'.

Amsterdam's council is set to vote on a series of laws that could impact it's red light district.
devi/Alamy Stock Photo

However, several sex workers have claimed that these proposed measures would make them feel less safe on the job.

One Dutch sex worker told The Telegraph: “They say it is for my protection, but that is nonsense

"If someone denigrates me, I denigrate them back. It isn’t an automatic service I negotiate.

"If drunk people come, I don’t let them in.”

This proposed law is one of many that have been put forward to tackle 'nuisance tourism', as other measures up for vote include earlier closing times for bars and brothels and a ban of smoking cannabis in public.

It comes after Amsterdam officials had launched an advertising campaign earlier this year that told Brits to steer clear of the capital - if their interest was only in alcohol, drugs and sex.

If successful, the campaign will be extended to include tourists from other countries.

Amsterdam's red light district attracts millions of visitors every year.
John Kellerman/Alamy Stock Photo

Speaking of the campaign, Amsterdam's deputy mayor Sofyan Mbarki said: "The aim of the discouragement campaign is to keep out visitors that we do not want. If we love the city, we must take action now.

"Action is needed to prevent nuisance and overcrowding. Amsterdam is a world city and bustle and liveliness come along with this but to keep our city liveable we need to choose limits instead of irresponsible growth."

According to the MailOnline, the city has also pledged to limit tourist numbers to 20 million each year. So far in 2022, they have seen 18 million arrive.

The proposals, which would radically reshape Amsterdam's worldwide reputation, are to be voted on by the city's council on 21 December.

Featured Image Credit: OHN KELLERMAN / Alamy Erik Lattwein / Alamy