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Angry Boyfriend Pleads Guilty After Smashing Lorry Into Ex-Girlfriend's House

Angry Boyfriend Pleads Guilty After Smashing Lorry Into Ex-Girlfriend's House

The house would have cost £470,000 to repair and was eventually demolished

An angry lorry driver has pleaded guilty to a string of charges after ramming his vehicle into his ex-girlfriend's house.

Derek Wellington was swiftly arrested following his drunken rampage in September last year, which unfolded when his ex Sara Cassidy refused to meet up with him.

The 34-year-old was already on bail at the time and ordered not to go near his former partner after leaving her in hospital due to an attack the month prior.

When Cassidy refused to meet him in September, a court heard how he screamed to her down the phone: “I am going to park my lorry in your living room."

Derek Wellington drove his lorry into his ex-partner's home.
STV News/YouTube

He then proceeded to repeatedly reverse his HGV into the housing association home, causing irreversible damage to both Cassidy's and her neighbour's property.

Luckily a friend and two children who were inside managed to escape unscathed, but the attack resulted in £470,000 in damages and both houses being demolished.

Wellington abandoned the truck in a supermarket car park with his wallet inside, and it later uncovered by the police before they arrested him.

He is now in custody after pleading guilty to a number of charges including culpable and reckless conduct to the danger of lives.

The driver also pleaded guilty to assault, breaching bail, threatening behaviour and spitting at a police officer for the August incident, with his sentencing hearing set for later this month.

Speaking in Glasgow High Court, prosecutor Lisa Gillespie QC spoke of Wellington's attack in August, which unfolded in Edinburgh when he headbutted Cassidy in a hotel.

Despite being on bail and ordered not to go near his ex-partner, he breached the conditions and repeatedly called her on the day of the lorry incident.

Gillespie added: "During these calls, he stated he was going to come round and smash or ram his lorry into her home. He said he was ‘going to park his lorry’ in her living room.

"She told him under no circumstances was he to come to the house because there were children there. He stated he was coming round any way."

Although Cassidy agreed to meet him nearby, Gillespie said she became 'terrified' after spotting his truck and ran back to her home.

"As she did, she heard a loud banging noise and windows smashing," added the prosecutor. "Wellington then drove past her again away from the street."

The lorry driver has since been arrested and pleaded guilty to a string of charges.
STV News/YouTube

The friend inside the house at the time reported seeing Wellington pull up and reverse 'at speed' into the house, but they were able to escape with the two children without suffering injuries.

A neighbour who was in bed at the time recalled hearing the crash, which they 'likened to an earthquake'.

The court was told that seven people had to be evacuated from their homes, with both Cassidy and her neighbour unable to return due to the extensive damages caused.

Lord Armstrong, a judge of the Supreme Courts of Scotland, ordered Wellington to remain in police custody until his sentencing on 27 July.

Featured Image Credit: STV News/YouTube

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