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19 Cows Have Been Killed By A Single Lightning Bolt

19 Cows Have Been Killed By A Single Lightning Bolt

Ever heard the saying, 'there's more chance being struck than lightning than...' well, as it happens, there could be more of a chance than you probably thought.

Just one day after hundreds of wild reindeer were killed by a lighting strike in Norway, 19 cows in America have also suffered from a fatal shock, reports Mashable.


The dead cows were reportedly given away to neighbours as meat.

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The incident allegedly happened in Texas, USA. "All of a sudden, a lightning bolt came down and the cows just fell," witness Victor Benson told KLTV.

Although rare, incidents such as these are not unheard of. Earlier this year, a dozen cows were killed by lightning on a farm on Missouri. The next day, a further 21 cows were killed by a bolt.


As well as these animal deaths, there have been 32 human deaths from lightning in the USA so far this year, according to the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration.

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