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Heartwarming Footage Shows Dog Who Survived California Fires Reunited With Owner

Heartwarming Footage Shows Dog Who Survived California Fires Reunited With Owner

Madison and his brother Miguel were also reunited

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Remember Madison? The adorable dog who survived the devastating Camp Fire in California and then patiently waited for his owner to return to their home?

Well, the heartwarming footage showing the pair catching up after their time apart has now been shared and I hope you're ready to get whacked right in the feels, because it's pretty bloody cute.

Owner Andrea Gaylord was forced to evacuate her home after the fire tore through California last month.

Speaking to ABC10 about the moment she saw her beloved pooch, Andrea said: "There was our dog waiting. I said, 'you are the best dog. The best'.

"He is the best. Imagine the loyalty of hanging in through the worst of circumstances and being here waiting. It was so emotional."

Madison's story was shared by K9 Paw Print Rescue, a charity that has been helping reunite dogs displaced from their owners in the fire.

In a post on Facebook the charity wrote: "Madison's parents were unable to get home to him when the Camp Fire spread. They hoped and prayed he would be OK.

"When they finally got clearance to go back to the lot where their house once stood....Madison was waiting there for them as if he were protecting his former home. Never give up!"

Shayla Sullivan, a worker at the charity who helped looked for Madison and his brother Miguel after Andrea reported them missing, commented on the post to say she managed to rescue Miguel, but that Madison proved harder to catch.

She added: "I'm so happy I'm crying as I write this! He didn't give up through the storms or the fire! A LOOOOONG month it must have been for him!"

Madison and Miguel were reunited after weeks apart.

The Camp Fire, which began on 8 November and blazed for almost a month before finally being extinguished on the 6 December, killed 85 people and saw thousands more forced to evacuate their homes, many were left with no choice but to leave their pets behind.

Stories of pets being reunited with their owners have been coming through for the past few weeks, giving some hope for those still looking.

Shayla wrote: "I am sure as more people return the fur babies that survived the fire WILL know their people are back!

"Ignatious did and now Madison! Here's to many more reunions ahead! Keep the hope alive!"

Featured Image Credit: ABC10

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