Heroic Dad Rescues Son, 4, From Giant Python

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Heroic Dad Rescues Son, 4, From Giant Python

A four-year-old boy was rescued by his heroic dad after a '15ft (4.5m)' scrub python attempted to drag him off.

Evan Thompson was hosting a house-warming party in his new home in Airlie Beach, Queensland, on 19 December when the giant snake attacked little Clifford, which left him with a series of nasty bites.

However, it could have been much had it not been for Evan quickly springing into action.

Speaking to 7 News, Evan said: "I just heard a bunch of screaming. I instantly turned around and just saw what was happening.


"It was just a massive snake. Its head was very big and was latched onto his leg. At that stage he was holding onto the side of the boardwalk and it was just pulling him into the bush."

Credit: 7 News
Credit: 7 News

Sensing the danger his son was in, Evan rushed over to rescue him... by punching the snake in its head.


Evan told the news outlet that once he punched it, the snake let go, but Clifford wasn't out of danger yet.

Once it released him from his jaws, it curled back up and bit the boy again.

"At this stage, it started to yank him back further," Evan added. "I could see it start to cause a significant cut to his leg."

Heroic Evan, once again, knew it had to try and stop the snake and this time he 'grabbed its jaw and bent it back' as hard as he could. It worked and the animal let go while Clifford dashed off.


He told the Daily Mail: "Within a split second it bit him again, so I grabbed it by the throat and pried its jaws open - I managed to break its jaw."

But the snake was insistent and began to chase Clifford, prompting Evan to run towards it and shout out for help.

One of his pals grabbed a sledgehammer and rushed over to his to offer his assistance and the pair of them killed the snake.

Evans said he's never 'seen that aggressive'.


Meanwhile, Clifford was rushed to Mackay Hospital where he was treated for his wounds - but his dad says he's recovering just fine, adding: "He's a tough kind. He's tough as nails."

Yeah, I reckon he gets that from you, mate.

Featured Image Credit: 7 News

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