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Moment Mother Climbs Into Alligator Pit With Young Son To Retrieve Her Wallet

Moment Mother Climbs Into Alligator Pit With Young Son To Retrieve Her Wallet

The woman had apparently dropped her wallet over the fence and into the enclosure

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This is the moment a mother climbed into an alligator enclosure with her son to grab her wallet:

Ashlynn Curtis witnessed a woman and her child climb into the alligator pit at the Safari North Wildlife Park in Minnesota after the woman was recording dropped her wallet over the fence. The woman and child have not been identified.

A video of the shocking moment showed a young child running around a pit while his mum tried to distract the animals in a bid to retrieve the purse.

The wallet is right at the edge of the water, which is why the woman is trying to move the alligators so she can reach in without them coming towards her.

The woman trying to grab the purse which is in the water.
Ashlynn Curtis via

After she grabs the pink wallet from the pond, the woman can be seen meeting back up with the boy and they both leave the enclosure. Luckily with all their limbs intact.

According to TMZ, employees of the zoo weren't best pleased as sources close to the wildlife park said that staff did not know about the incident until seeing the video go viral.

LADbible has contacted the zoo for a statement.

This isn't the first time someone has climbed into a zoo enclosure. Back in May a drunk man in Poland ended up wrestling with a bear.

The incident at Warsaw Zoo.

Footage shows the intoxicated 23-year-old visitor jumping into the water at the enclosure at Warsaw Zoo. After a female bear follows him in, he can be seen wrapping his arms around her neck and seemingly holding her head below the water.

Fortunately for the man, he was rescued by firefighters and taken to the hospital with only minor scratches. However, zoo spokesperson Anna Karczewska said the bear was left badly shaken by the incident.

She said: "The female bear, named Sabina, was surprised by the man's actions and is now sitting in the water and nervously roaring every now and then. She is under the watchful eye of caring zoo staff."

The zoo added that it will do all it can to see the man prosecuted.

According to Polsat News, the zoo said: "The Warsaw Zoo will take all legal steps related to this event to bring the perpetrator to justice. The animals were exposed to danger and their psychological comfort was disturbed."

Featured Image Credit: Ashlynn Curtis via

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