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In an incredibly breathtaking moment, an alligator expert narrowly avoided being bitten by a hungry alligator while feeding him.

The close call happened at Colorado Gator Farm in Mosca, Colorado when an employee identified only as Chad can be seen heading into the water to feed the 12-foot, 600-pound animal a huge raw turkey.

Just as Chad moves to hand over the turkey to Elvis, he slips into the water, and Elvis wastes no time charging at him and snapping at his legs.

Elvis apparently wanted his turkey with all the trimmings that day.

The viral video of the tense moment, which happened last Saturday (July 22), was posted on the park’s Facebook page on Monday (July 24).

Elvis the alligator almost bit Chad.
Colorado Gator Farm/Facebook

“Over the weekend Elvis had a hard time deciding if he wanted to eat turkey or Chad’s legs,” the park explained in a Facebook post. “Who knew a 12 ft 600lb alligator could run so fast.”

The park posted a longer video of the events leading up the moment Elvis snapped at Chad the next day.

“It's crazy how quickly doing an educational demonstration can turn dangerous,” the post reads.

Another worker can be seen jumping into action to save Chad.

“As you can see, Elvis wanted to eat the turkey Chad was offering. When the turkey didn't land in his mouth, Elvis was focused on where he saw movement.

"It's why whenever working with large reptile it's always good to have a backup with you! (and someone to record when it goes wrong).”

The post continues: “We want to thank Chris and Petra Newland and Claire Menegatti for sending in their videos. So many times visitors say they will send us a video and it never happens.

"These 3 are the real heroes for capturing this crazy event. And special thanks to Chad for pretending he was afraid and giving the viewers something fun to watch.

Chad was feeding Elvis a turkey at the time.
Colorado Gator Farm/Facebook

"He wasn't injured, and he promised to work on this turkey throwing aim.”

Lots of social media users wasted no time to make jokes about his close encounter with the massive reptile in response.

“Elvis wants bigger turkey,” one commenter declared, while someone else said: “Wow that's crazy."

Another viewer wrote: “I think I just [poo emoji] my [pants emoji]

watching this! Good save!”

And a fourth commenter said: “Hahaha that was awesome! Glad you guys have experience with these fellas.. and can move quick.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Colorado Gator Farm

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