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People given camera flash warning after massive fish was filmed 'killing itself' in aquarium

People given camera flash warning after massive fish was filmed 'killing itself' in aquarium

The fish was filming 'killing itself’ in an aquarium in Japan.

Aquarium visitors have been issued a camera flash warning amid the unsettling video of a fish 'killing itself' after being startled by camera flash, which has resurfaced on social media.

The 2013 video went viral for the wrong reasons as it showed the shocking death of the large fish at an aquarium In Japan.

As a crowd of people surrounded the large fish tank many visitors decided to take photos with the flash on.

However, one tuna fish seems to react badly to the constant flashing and is filmed ramming itself into the glass.

The agitated sea creature sadly managed to knock itself out and reportedly died as a result.

Aquarium tanks are usually made out of a highly reflective acrylic material and can negatively affect the vision of the fish on the other side of the glass.

"This is why flash photography should not allowed in aquariums," a Reddit user who posted the clip thought.

"The fish cannot see the glass and think the water continues onward in that direction as the flashes resemble reflective light bouncing off the water."

Viewers were shocked by the footage, with one person commenting: "Every adult has walked into a glass or mesh-screen door at maybe a couple of miles per hour.

An unsettling video of a fish 'killing itself' after being startled by camera flash has resurfaced on social media.

"Now, imagine the speed at which that fish swam into the aquarium's dense glass-wall. That is horrific."

Another added: "Wow I'd never seen tuna swim and didn't know they could be that fast. That almost looked unreal."

Someone else wrote: "I think the camera flashes confused it into a feeding response and that caused it to blindly ram into the glass.

"There's a reason why most zoos and aquariums restrict flash photography because it disturbs and confuses the animals."

Most aquariums discourage people from using camera flashes and the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California has warned visitors for doing so.

The video, which is believed to have been filmed in 2013, shows the sudden and shocking death of a fish in an Okinawa aquarium.

"Please turn off your flash when taking photographs inside the Aquarium," they said on their website.

"You’ll get better photos without your flash — and our animals and other visitors will thank you."

London's Sea Life aquarium also said on an FAQ about if you can take photos: "Yes you can, as we want you to take your memories of our creatures home with you.

"However we do not permit the use of any flash photography as this can scare and harm our creatures.

"The use of tripods is also not permitted and if you wish to use a tripod you will need to arrange this with our press team."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/u/29PiecesOfSilver

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